Thursday, May 18, 2006

Bush on AZ border to sell dumb militarization plan

YUMA AZ -- Bush was in Arizona today, putting on a propaganda show about his sure-to-fail border militarization plan.

The media mostly ate it up, showing Bush in a Border Patrol off-road vehicle ride, and generally presenting a one-sided US gov't-only view.

At the same time, south of the border in Mexico, President Fox blasted Bush's plan for 370 miles of triple-layer walls along the border, calling it 'shameful and stupid'.

Racist right-wingers -- a strong part of the Bush base -- are still bitching, wanting to wall the entire border.

Bush is souring our relations with Mexico, which is not good for America, Mexico, or Arizona.

Time to take to the streets again. Concerned Americans and Mexicans must unite to stop this deadly border madness. More border actions soon.

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