Sunday, May 28, 2006

Honor vets, end Bush's failed bloody Iraq war

USA -- Honor the war dead, wounded and those who served. Also remember all the millions of civilian dead and wounded from wars.

Hold distanced cold leaders like Bush/Cheney Inc. fully responsible for their mistakes and bad decisions that are killing so many.

Boot the GOP and any war supporting dems in Nov.

End the Iraq war now! That is what these vets and thousands of other vets are saying, including in Arizona.

This holiday we should listen.

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AirborneVet said...

I live in AZ and haven't heard these shouts. You should check out the main gate of Davis Monthan AFB every Weds. to see what Protest Warrior is doing. It's usually every Weds.- not sure on the time though. I'm down in Bisbee and don't make it to Tucson that often. I can get you the info if you want, though. Have a good weekend.