Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Will Treasury Sec. Paulson cut global warming?

WASHINGTON -- Hank Paulson is an environmentalist, and he's Bush's pick for US Secretary of the Treasury. Looks like he'll be easily confirmed.

He is affiliated with the Nature Conservancy, for sure the most pro-business 'enviro' group in the land, and quite controversial. The Washington Post did a several part series on TNC not too long ago that detailed many conflicts of interest, bad land deals, and serious compromises to conservation.

In Arizona, TNC has often been controversial with the conservation community, called the 'Nature Conspiracy' by some.

But I'll give Hank a chance. Economic policy clearly has many effects on natural resources and quality of life. Maybe Hank can figure out a way to push economic policies that value the environment, and cut global warming pollution -- the biggest issue of our time. He could push it, if he wants to and has the guts. He'd for sure get some major push back from the White House to get back to the real job of making the ultrarich even richer.

Remember, Hank, natural capital is what sustains us all. Value it highly.

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