Monday, June 12, 2006

Baboquivari sees the growing TON border crisis

TOHONO O'ODHAM NATION (SELLS AZ) -- Baboquivari peak looks down on a big area of the TON in southern Arizona and northern Sonora, watching an increasingly bad situation on the border.

Jaguars may also be looking down from these mountains. The big cats been coming north from Mexico, but could be cut off by walls, roads, and border militarization.

Worked a hot day today with media and indigenous people about the harm caused to nature and people from border militarization and triple-wall plans coming from Bush and congress in DC.

Our society has to find a humane and environmentally friendly way to deal with immigration, but we're getting mostly bad and failed ideas from most current US political leaders, including too many dems.

Another problem is some pro-militarizers in the official government of the TON, who seem to be bought off by feds offering equipment and weapons to expand the tribal police dept.

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