Sunday, June 18, 2006

Bloggers sell out and harm blogosphere with ads

TUCSON -- Seems more and more bloggers are allowing corporate advertising on their blogs for pay.

How much can these bloggers really be making for the ad sell outs? Who really clicks on these ads? Maybe more suckers than I know.

Perhaps calling ad bloggers sell outs is a little too harsh, but I find ads on blogs wack, cheesy, and harmful to independence and credibility.

I won't have ads on this blog, unless of course I get an offer that can make me lots of money and I want some new toys.

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Jane Arizona said...

I guess it depends. I don't "do" ads on my blog because I have pretty generous bandwidth allowances and I think that those Google link ads look TERRIBLE. But, if I start getting more hits than I can pay for comfortably out of my pocket, then I'll start seeking sponsors. Or selling T-shirts or something. Better than putting up bandwidth limiting scripts.

But in general, I agree -- blog ads are lame. Especially on sites that bloggers don't pay the bills for.