Thursday, June 29, 2006

New arena downtown may not be wise spending

TUCSON -- Now that the state has extended the city's Rio Nuevo tax, some say developing a big new arena downtown is a top priority for the Rio Nuevo project.

We already have an arena (see photo) downtown. Often these giant buildings sit underused, hogging large spaces that could be better used daily by residents and business.

TCC is good enough for the Dalai Lama. I'm not sure we need a new arena. Tucson needs other local businesses downtown, and more people living there and close by.

Unless Tucson is going to get a NBA team (not happenin' now, but should) a big new arena may not be the best way to spend our Rio Nuevo money.


Art Jacobson said...

There's nothing wrong with having another hotel, but what we really need are an adequate grocery store and a drug store.

The vitality of Rio Nuevo will depend on having a high percentage of residents and these folks will need shopping.

shrimplate said...

It's probably unwise to initiate any large project that depends for its success on inexpensive and easy travel, such as large hotels.

When gasoline and jet fuels really begin to rise in cost, the travel industry will be hit hard, and hit first.

Then again, the earth is hollow and filled with an ever-replenishing reservoir of cheap sweet crude oil, so I guess we should just keep on building sprawl, gas-hogs, highways, and cheesy hotels.