Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Germans win, then drunk futbol fans & police riot!

GERMANY -- The host German team beats Poland in the world cup today in a rather boring 1-0 game, but then riots with police break out.

Reminds me of public and police response in Tucson to a University of Arizona final four basketball win or loss. Sports riots are always the best, but the tear gas is hell.

Go Mexico in the World Cup.


Anonymous said...

Go Mexico?! WTF.... why not support the USA players?

DRP said...

Yes, for sure go USA! But I thought we were out due to loss?

Anonymous said...

USA definitely has a tougher group (Czech, Italia e Ghana) than Mexico and the loss does put them at a disadvantage.... but there is a slim chance that they will progress. They will need at least a tie with Italy tomorrow. Wish them good luck. Scott.