Thursday, June 08, 2006

GM 'no routes' ad mirrors its gas guzzling demise

DETROIT -- While watching the NBA finals tonight, I saw a distubing and unethical 'then and now' ad by General Motors.

One part of the ad said, 'then, Route 66; now no route at all', showing a 10 mpg Hummer off-roading over big rocks in a place like Arizona, and a big Chevy truck thrashing and mud-bogging in a fragile stream for fun.

Trashing landscapes and streams, this is what GM and industry means when they support 'tread lightly' concepts.

GM is irresponsible with this ad. I grew up in a GM town. GM is environmentally irresponsible overall with still too much focus on gas guzzling SUVs, which relates significantly to the company's continued decline.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree!! I know that it is a company SUV - but please tell me that you have stopped driving your Suburban! Scott.

DRP said...

The Center's diesel Suburban (donated) runs only on roads and also on biodiesel fuel.

It has moved to our office in Silver City NM, where it will continue to stay on roads, out of streams, and run on biodiesel.