Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Huge sprawl dust strorm blasts Tucson to Phoenix

MARANA -- Urban sprawl and desert agriculture, combining with storms and big winds, are right now pushing a huge dust storm toward metro Phoenix.

Massive dust clouds miles wide and hundreds of feet tall are moving at 20 mph, as just seen on live local TV news. Incredible air pollution; very harmful to human health.

Arizona dustbowl 2006. Eat dust. The taste and sting of 'progress'.

The AZ 4Cs: construction, cotton, choking, and cancer.

No thanks sprawl developers, welfare ag, and uncaring AZ dustbowl politicians!

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Alan said...

You can almost see Henry Fonda riding the Grapes of Wrath just ahead of the dust. Republican nitwits will surely blame it on Demos. And the real cause will be swept under the rug with the old dust.