Friday, June 09, 2006

Progressive bloggers head to Las Vegas meeting

LAS VEGAS -- Lefty bloggers are gathering in mostly right-wing S. Nevada right now for a convention.

Have fun, but mainstream Vegas can really suck. There is some quality underground action, if you know the right locals.

I can't make it, but next year it should be in Tucson. Go nuts in Las Vegas you lefty blogger freaks.

Turn off your computer and get drunk, high, and see some naked people -- maybe even yourselves. Post some good photos.


Anonymous said...

Dan, actually it was not the first. That is a media spin that Markos has let go uncorrected.

DemocracyFest was the first convention and it started in 2004. This year it will be in San Diego. It was created by bloggers from the Howard Dean campaign after he dropped out. Jessica Falker was the person who started it.

Markos stole the idea, program, even panels from DemocracyFest, as he attended the one in 2005. I guess he didn't like that the attendees were mad he hosted the bloggers breakfast instead of their beloved Darrell.

Markos made the date of YearlyKos in June to try to direct people away from DemocracyFest in July.DemFest2006

Last year, DemocracyFest had 1000 people attend the workshops and 2000 attend the Saturday night bash. They sold out of both.

Arizona will have a contigent going this year. If it interests you, sign up! The workshops are much better than Kos and the Saturday night event promises to be a blast. They haven't invited all the pres 2008 candidates like Kos did though, so if that is your main thing it is probably not for you. Although Howard Dean and his brother will be there as well as investigative reporter Brad Friedman from the Brad Blog and David Sirota who just released Hostile Takeover. Robert Greenwald, the film maker will show his new movie too. There will be many more like Debra Bowen who just won her primary in CA if you follow national races at all.

This lists the programs so far:

You can also check out their speakers bios.

Anonymous said...

ok, democracyfest may be great, I am sure.

But one thing - are you sure that it was Markos who "stole the idea, program, etc"

I met and talked to the main organizer of the yearlykos program, Gina a bit about the planning of the event. as far as I know she and a board of other bloggers planned the event pretty much completely apart from Markos - during most of this time he was running around on his book tour.

If you are involved in the planning and organizing of democracyfest, why not approach gina - and/or the organizing board and see if the two events can be linked or merged in some way? Have you done this? Are you sure there is no resolution.