Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Ralph Horowitz PE#1 for LA urban farm destruction

LOS ANGELES -- Developer Ralph Horowitz forced the eviction and destruction of a 14 acre community farm in south LA.

What a jerk! Typical developer.

Over 40 people were arrested, and the garden bulldozed. Special props to mi amigo John Quigley for organizing and leading the direct action defense of the farm. Oh yeah, and Darryl Hannah for bringing out the cameras.

The City of LA and LA County shouldn't have raided the garden. Now local gov't must do the right thing, take the land back from Horowitz, and restore the community farm.

This developer has no 'right' to make a $11M+ profit on land he got from the city in the first place. Even then, he was offered the money, but turned it down because he simply wanted the farm destroyed. The public-interest here clearly favors keeping the south LA farm, and it should be kept a public garden even if Horowitz turns down the money.

Tucson and Arizona need more urban community farms. Growing healthy neighborhood food is a much better use of water than golf.

Elsewhere on the coast, a tourist (no, not one escaping blazing Arizona) was run over and killed on the beach by Oxnard CA police driving a big GM SUV. The mother from Iowa was sunbathing when her head was run over.

Cops, get smart and get your SUVs off the beach. How about walking?


Anonymous said...

What were they growing? Seriously, it is a shame to destroy an urban garden, there are far too few of them in this country, especially in this state.

Art Krueger said...

I was very disappointed in your light weight comments on the Horowitz land. It was taken from him in 1986 by Eminent domain but the city did not use the land because of tree huggers not wanting the intended structure. Wasn't it only right to give him the option of buying it back?
Suggestion: Interject some facts in your spiels in the future or close your blog.

Anonymous said...

Horowitz a jerk? more likely you are one. Why don't you read the story before you show us how ignorant you are?

Anonymous said...

They can get enlightened and read some facts here...Though the farmers no longer have use of the land and what was once a safe space for the South Central Los Angeles community is now fenced off and empty, they still continue to bring healthy food to not only the people of South Central, but the surrounding communities as well. Thank you for bringing this information to the public.

~South Central Farm Supporter~