Monday, June 19, 2006

South downtown gaining investment, vibes, energy

TUCSON -- As the city's Rio Nuevo project struggles elsewhere, investment keeps happening on the south side of downtown.

17th St. Market, Ice House Lofts, Armory Park del Sol, Tucson Yoga, and now Barrio Brewery are establishing a more lively environment south of downtown, and all without help from the city's Rio Nuevo project office.

S. 4th Av. in South Tucson is looking much better, with new good restaurants and shops opening on the curving slow artsy street.

The city's Quincie Douglas Center pool and great library are nice new attractions.

I'll admit, I may be biased because we also live just south of downtown, but more is happening down here. For sure it is pushing up property values, but also traffic and cost of living -- both good and bad.

We don't want commuter and truck traffic cutting through our neighborhoods. We also want to keep families in place, and not let gentrification push old timers out.

There are still obstacles to overcome downtown, such as the city's outdated and pavement heavy excessive parking requirements. I hope to have a chance to propose reform from the city planning commission.

Overall, south downtown -- from the Barrio, to Armory Park, Santa Rita Park, South Tucson, and others -- is a good place to live, and getting better.

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Simmons B. Buntin said...

Barrio Brewery?! Praytell more please....