Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Who are smart pro media commentators in S. AZ?

TUCSON -- Mark Kimble of the Tucson Citizen is a top local editor and opinion commentator. He is a centrist, and almost always has smart insight and solutions for issues we now face.

Plus Mark volunteers some of his time to help local non-profit causes such as KUAT.

Tucson could use some more smart minds like Kimble's to publicly articulate our situation and what to do about it.

M. Hernandez and Ernesto Portillo of the Star are also good, as is Jim Nintzel of the Weekly, and Billie Stanton at the Citizen.

KXCI radio could use some new political voices on Sunday afternoon. They are all pretty tired right now.

Of course, this and many other Arizona blogs also deserve praise for news and solid opinions.

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