Monday, July 31, 2006

Bush/GOP shameful in backing deadly Israeli war

WASHINGTON -- As if Bush's horrific failed Iraq war wasn't bad enough, shame on Bush/Cheney, the GOP, lame dems, and anyone else supporting Israel's prolonged attack on Lebanon and Gaza. America should be pushing hard for real peace, not taking sides.

No, I and the many Americans against Israel's war are not pro-terrorist. Nor are we anti-jew, and it is not anti-semetic to criticize Israel's agressive killing, or costly US support of it. Don't even try it, simpletons.

Three Israeli soldiers are kidnapped, and Israel uses it to go on a deadly rampage, killing hundreds of children, women and civilians (see photo), and destroying much of Lebanon and Gaza.

The kidnappings were wrong, as are the weak rockets fired into Israel, but Israel's full-on murderous war response is unethical and not justified.

Israel's '48 hour ceasefire' was pure political bullshit. It lasted about 10 minutes.

Sadly, many members of the Israeli military train to kill in Arizona, mostly at the Army's Ft. Huachuca near Sierra Vista (which is also killing the San Pedro River), the Marine Base in Yuma, and the Goldwater Range in SW Arizona.

The US must stop propping up Israel. It fuels terrorism and too much hatred against us. The costs are not worth it. The $5000 per Israeli the US spends yearly in 'aid' (weapons) to Israel could do a lot more good spent solving our problems at home.

Israel is strong, and it must stand on its own peacefully with its neighbors, or fall.


laura said...

Good to see you back Daniel,

First of all Israels gripe is not with Lebanon, rather with hezbollah.( who were supp to disarm when they and Syrian millitas were told to stand down....... this is what the good people of Lebanon wished ) Dont forget that hezbollah is a terrorist organization that is backed fully by Iran/Syria so they have some power along with pretty good gosh darn propoganda. Bush/Cheney didnt create this.... this is a religious war that has been going on for centuries.( home grown fanatics) Israel gave up the West bank, and The Gaza stip.( both buffer zones) the almost min they did that land was used for tunnels and firing bases. I didn't see anyone protesting then.... furthermore,no protesting when schools, hospitals,any sort of muninciple buildings were used to hold weapon caches. I feel no pitty for people who allow that to happen. The Iraeli people want to live in peace but cannot because according to the muslims... they must be extiguished. Try living with that on your back. Makes me quite mad, and I believe that the Israeli army is doing the best they can to avoid innocent casualties.( hard to to with rocket launchers in schools ) I think you better think about who you place the blame upon. Is it gonna be a person who has been president for what 6 years?, or truly 3 world ignoramis thugs that raise their children with guns for the sake of a stone god? Will the real david koresh please stand up?
It kinda reminds me of the holocaust theory. I think Israel has long known their message, and feels it has lived in fear long enough. It's not just the 3 kidnappings of recent days... it's years of terrorism. Until muslims worldwide denounce terrorism, and put an end to it..........I'm with Israel all the way. As you should be.. they are fighting for you too.

Anonymous said...

This is not a religious war. This is a simple pretext for Israel to continue its state-sponsored (and US backed) terrorism.
It's time for Israel to stand on its own two feet and quit sucking off the breast of US taxpayers. The Israelis would sure learn to be a little less trigger happy if they actually had to get along with their neighbors - and without the world's bully as its best friend.

laura said...

The worlds bully? HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA get real would ya?