Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Revolution will not be computerized, it'll be live

TUCSON -- The revolution will not be computerized. It will not be brought to you by Bill Gates or blogs. It will not go better with coffee. The revolution will not be digital.

The revolution will be live!

I'll be working on it in the real world, away from computers until the end of July.

Now please turn off your computer and go outside.


aleah said...

You will be missed, but go have fun!

shrimplate said...

Damn. The pool's hotter than a Mexican armpit.

Hey, that's not a racist expression. It's a *class* distinction, and I think I've made my New York SUNY Binghamton point.

Phoenix is one of the sweatiest cities in the nation. Sheesh. What a surprize.

There yah go.