Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Alaska oil spill and Yuma NAFTA/sprawl highway

UPDATE: 8/31/06. Rep. Grijalva's office says he is on record supporting a full Environmental Impact Statement for the Yuma Hwy., but says AZ DoT is opposing full review. Both of these points are true. Grijalva does not appear to be supporting or opposing the current proposed unwise route, and points to the fact that it was a local decision made before he entered Congress.

Gov. Napolitano and AZ DoT are bigger problems on the Yuma Area Service Hwy. proposal. DRP

PRUDHOE BAY AK & YUMA AZ -- Another reminder of the dangers of our oil addiction is the black sludge seeping in to the arctic environment from a huge British Petroleum oil spill under a pipeline that was not well maintained.

BP has shut down its huge facility here, which is likely to result in another spike in US fuel prices across Arizona and the west.

Too busy making tons of cash ripping us all off, BP wasn't being watched by federal regulators in the Bush administration or GOP dominated Alaska so they didn't maintain their giant oil pipeline. Then the black pollution gushed out.

Clearly BP spends much more on its slick 'beyond petroleum' ad campaign than it does to prevent pollution.

BP: Bogus Propaganda.

The oil industry has been massively deregulated and let off the hook by warmongering Bush/Cheney, Inc. Now we all pay the price, in cash, global warming, and pollution.

Drill for more oil in Alaska, Mr. Bush? No way, Jorge!

Don't like it? There is an easy way to fight back. Stop buying so much fuel and using so much power. Ride a bike and ease up on the A/C. Reject big oil by cutting back to save our asses.

Arizona is very well positioned for clean energy with good weather, lots of sunshine for solar power, good breezes for wind power in the right places, easy bike riding, and a clear compelling need to curb global warming so it won't become impossible to live in ovens like metro Phoenix.

Many are doing their part and leading by example.

It's a start.

A related Arizona oil addiction road item of big concern is Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ7), a good guy, my congressman, and usually a strong environmental champion, may be supporting an unneeded NAFTA/urban sprawl highway in Yuma strongly opposed by Arizona conservationists.

After many warnings and requests from the public, ADOT and Federal Highways Administration are still trying to illegally permit the new Yuma NAFTA/sprawl highway on a very flimsy environmental assessment, refusing to present reasonable alternatives and do a detailed analysis and mitigation plan as required in an required Environmental Impact Statement.

In his large district, Raul stays left in Tucson, his natural progressive leaning which is what most of his constituents want and support. But sometimes politics push Grijalva more to the right on issues near Yuma, where right-wing cementhead wackos usually dominate local government serving Yuma's smaller population.

Raul could be in some strange tough spot on this. The bad NAFTA/urban sprawl Yuma Area Service Highway (aka AZ 195) is not yet built. The current route would slash fragile desert habitat and even cross the Goldwater Military Range! A feasible better route avoiding environmentally sensitive areas has been recommended. It can and should be chosen, and Raul should push hard for a better option.

I am checking in to it and have asked Raul's staff for perspective on the CANAMEX highway bill he just introduced. I support Raul and want to give them time to explain. More on this later.

Governor Napolitano is responsible for ADOT's unsupportable and aggressive position on the highway. Her staff listened and looked at the issue, but the Gov. still hasn't reigned in ADOT's out of line director Victor Mendez on this issue.

There is still time for Grijalva and Janet to do the right thing to change the Yuma highway route, and they absolutely should.

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