Friday, August 18, 2006

All GOP CD8 candidates wrong on global warming

TUCSON -- Tonight on Arizona Illustrated all the Republican candidates for the CD8 seat gave disturbingly wrong responses to a question on global warming.

They questioned whether global warming was real or not. Hello!?! Even most oil corps. and their hero W. agree with the scientific consensus that global warming is real and a serious threat.

They blamed volcanoes and nature for any global warming they said may be happening, and said they wouldn't do anything to cut global warming pollution.

These GOP jokers are in a fantasyland. Global warming is real and we are a primary cause of it, all credible scientists agree. That is a fact not open to debate. Wannabe politicians who won't acknowledge science and facts should absolutely not be elected.

If you want Arizona to be more polluted, drier & hotter, and suffer all the other huge threats to our lives from global warming, vote Republican. I know you are not that dumb.

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