Monday, August 28, 2006

Giffords wins CD8 candidate debate on KUAT

TUCSON -- Adding to her clear leading momentum in the CD8 dem primary race, Gabrielle Giffords did the best Friday night v. the others, some of them strong, in a debate on Arizona Illustrated.

Her smart campaign seems to be going well. I think we are looking at our likely new US Rep. for CD8, Ms. Giffords, which is a good sign for fair and balanced politics in our future.

Please get out and vote for Giffords in the Sept. 12 primary.


Tedski said...

Well Daniel, you are obviously part of some sort of establishment spin are totally bought and paid for.

Sorry, that's what people post on my blog when I say anything good about Giffords.

sotto voce said...

I think your TV needs adjustment. I watched the debate, I thought Patty did the worst and that Gabby really didn't seem to say anything.

They asked her about immigration and she said she was against amnesty, but no one had asked her about amnesty...and then she went on to say that people here already should be able to stay was all obfuscation.

I really didn't think it was her best showing.

Hands down, Francine Shacter was the most genuine candidate on the panel, the most intelligent and most eloquent.

We need someone to represent the interests of the people here in CD8 -- not the interests of the Washington establishment -- as we can see it hasn't done a very good job in a long time.

Francine Shacter is the one candidate who really cares about representing the people and who will stand up for liberal interests.