Monday, August 21, 2006

'Lock 'em up' Arpaio will put 3000 migrants in tents

PHOENIX -- 'Put 'em in jail,' repeated Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio tonight on the PBS NewsHour.

Even though he is not a border sheriff, the NewsHour had him on to talk about immigration. He is a disgrace to the Grand Canyon State, and an example of why Maricopa County is so screwed up.

Sheriff Joe's mad attacks are another reason to avoid Maricopa County. He wants to put everyone in jail.

I'll give him some credit, Sheriff Joe did say border walls will not work.

Arizona state Sen. Jake Flake, a right-wing Republican and a cattle rancher, is also skeptical of walls. He agreed that attempts to seal off the border are not likely to be successful.

"I find that if you put a bunch of steers in a pasture and run out of feed, there isn't a fence good enough to hold them. And I think people are the same: When they're hungry, there's not going to be a fence big enough to hold them," Sen. Flake told AP on Aug 19.

Beyond the wall issue, Arpaio has made it loud and clear that he'll seek out and to keep locking up as many undocumented people as possible. He says he and his posse already have put 300 in jail, and he's ready to jail 3000 in tents in the hot desert.

Joe whined and complained that he was the only sheriff in AZ enforcing 'lock 'em up laws' against illegals. He is the only one doing it because he is the only one who is such a right wing zealot to waste law enforcement resources and a lot of taxpayer money on jailing workers. None of the AZ border sheriffs are doing it because it makes no sense.

Next time you can't get a deputy in Maricopa County, remember, instead of helping you with a real crime, Joe's boys are probably out cuffing roofers and gardners and hauling them out to the hot tents.

Joe was asked if he could point to any reduction in crime. Of course not. But he clearly seemed to represent an increase in Phoenix-based racism and right-wing police state hatred.

Someone good who knows real and fair law enforcement priorities please run against Arpaio and beat him in 08. Sheriff Joe has got to go!


Anonymous said...

Sheriff Joe is a media whore.

laura said...

You seem to forget that illegal workers pay NO taxes. I am all for people trying to better their lives, however, why is it the resposability of the United States? On my end the facts are that we pay appx. 200 a month in med insurance( thats at 80/20 ) and close to that same amount for school taxes, per month. These amounts look to go higher as our local illegal population has grown to a stagering percentage. Of course, with a higher population calls for capitalization in other areas as well. I don't know about you.... but I'm struggling already.... if I want to have more children to pay for... I'll have my own children thank you. But seriously, do you not think that this pisses people off? The goverment is not helping matters.... and the law is to lock their asses up anyway. I don't think this situation has anything to do with hate, or racism... but moreso fustration. Mr. Arpaio is not alone. The government has their predictions of how many illegals are here... that would be at 11 mil. There are other statistics that put that figure at 24 mil. How many of those are women having children? How many are driving illegally? There are so many other examples but I know you get where I'm going. It's a tough call here..... but I sure as hell try and give it all good sound thoughts before I make judgement calls.