Thursday, August 31, 2006

Pederson hits Kyl on 'Gone Washington' oil ads

PHOENIX -- US Senate challenger Jim Pederson is hitting incumbent right-wing Republican Jon Kyl hard right now with the truth about Kyl's allegiance to big oil ripoffs and pollution, just like his pals Bush & Cheney.

Jim's well done 'Kyl's Gone Washington' TV ad is not negative advertising, it is the truth.

Kyl is a servant to big oil, refusing to support corporate accountability and responsibility during a time of record oil profits. In return, the oil bosses pay him well.

Kyl wants us all to pay more for fuel so big oil can make max profits. He fights against alternative energy sources that would make us less reliant on foreign oil from shady sources.

Kyl has also always fought against cutting global warming pollution, risking our future economy, environment, and lifestyles.

Good job, Jim Pederson, telling the truth about Kyl's anti-public interest sell-outs to big oil.

Keep up the tough, truthful campaign.

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