Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Vote no on Food Conspiracy plan to raise prices

TUCSON -- The Food Conspiracy Co-op, a decent co-op I used to work at and that I and many others have supported for decades, is pushing a bad plan to end discounts and boost fees. Vote no on both issues.

Bottom line, it would make it even more expensive to shop at the co-op. It could doom the store.

The GM Ben and some staff are in support, as shown in the one-sided propaganda mailing the conspiracy sent out with the ballot.

But where are members at on this? I've heard from some who think it is a terrible idea. Where is the balance and counter-arguments? Shame on the lack of debate. We all own the co-op, and all sides should be given equal say. Good thing I have this blog.

If you are a Food Conspiracy member, please vote no to both questions on the ballot you should've been mailed. You can also vote at the store until Sept. 15.

Another issue: the co-op is considering a new location on Stone north of Grant. Too far, keep it closer to downtown.

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