Thursday, September 14, 2006

Bush GOP wrongly attacking rights, border, forests

WASHINGTON -- Bush and the House GOP radicals are at it again, attacking human rights, border solutions, and the environment.

First, on the border, the 'get tough' evil House Republicans moved to build a 700 mile Berlin Wall along the US-Mexico border.

The House non-solution is pure election year BS. Expensive walls will not work, but will cause more deaths, huge harm to wildlife, rivers, and the environment, and harm relations with Mexico, a critical ally and trading partner.

The entire GOP House delegation from Arizona, save one, voted for the draconian, inhumane, and inaffective border walls. To his great credit, Republican Congressman Jim Kolbe, the only member of Arizona's delegation who actually represents a border district (AZCD8), joined dem Reps. Pastor and Grijalva in voting against the new Berlin Walls on the Mexican line.

Radical right-winger Randy Graf likely thinks 700 miles of border Berlin Walls is not enough.

Sadly, 64 House dems joined the GOP's fear and racism-based Berlin Wall border blunders; pathetic and dumb. This included Nick Rahall (D-WV) the ranking dem on the House (Natural) Resources Committee. This vote and other blunders are good reasons not to make Rahall chairman of this important committee if the dems re-take the House. Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) is a much better choice.

Next, GOP House Darth Vaders, lead by corrupt Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA), rubber stamped a Bush plan to go around the Supreme Court and re-allow torture of war prisoners and denial of access to fair trials.

This Bush/GOP extremism puts US agents and troops at risk of more torture if captured. 'Evidence' gained through torture has often been shown to be false, because tortured prisoners will make up anything to stop being tortured, even if they know nothing.

Finally, the lawless Bush Forest Service is resisting following a new federal court ruling from a Tucson judge that rejected the controversial, unpopular and unfair public lands fees on Mt. Lemmon, Sabino Canyon, Madera Canyon, and on public lands nationwide.

Bush and the GOP have dramatically underfunded the Forest Service, harming conservation, hunting & fishing, and recreation. At the same time, Bush and the GOP increase subsidy payments to corporations (many of them foreign owned) who are mining, ranching, drilling, developing, and ruining our public lands.

Bush and his radical right-wing mercenaries are on a roll, rolling over you, me, our families, and the common good, and rolling right toward a cliff on November 7.

Vote these chumps out!


laura said...

I was watching a new broadcast, this morning. They were talking about article 3, and how it is so open to interpretation. ( I'm not sure if that matters really ) I mean once youre a cold hearted terrorist whats the point of legalities right? Of course, they had 2 people argue the point. Dicussion was focused around the addage - do onto others - you make a good point referenceing more harm to our military, but the fact is we have yet to behead people. My point being I understand your point of view but these are hard core kinda people. The kind that will only kill, and only see killing. It's hard for people like you and I to imagine people like that huh? I'm not saying torchure is acceptable, but I'm not gonna go out of my way to complain about what rights they have either. We have the task of wiping out generations of terrorist individuals. It seems we have 2 major assests in fighting this... 1 the above mentioned, and 2 intelligence. Unfortunatly thats the way it is. Bush didn't create that... you may disagree with how he combats it, but he didn't start this.
Also, on the same program, a house member fron NY was speaking about the wall you mention. He said he took the time to actually speak to regular folks like you and me... to hear their opinion. Most approved the wall.( not knowing what else could possibly be done)He claimed it is what the people want. I hear your fear for conservation, and I appreciate it, however, can you compare damage from a wall as to hundreds of thousands crossing? Is that not doing damage as well? Can the wall be built in line with what you think is acceptable?

Youre a great conservation fighter Daniel, but sometimes I wish you would consentrate on what you can do. The wall is goin up..... you can blame that on islamic terrorists, and illegals not wanting to pay taxes. I wish people would start placing blame correctly.... that would help.

Jeneiene Schaffer said...

There are days, like today, when I say to myself: 'If I have to explain the connection between the bad trade policies of NAFTA and illegal immigration one-more-time, I think I will lose it'.

Laura, research the bad effects of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)then decide if you will promote the laughable, if not downright deplorably ignorant, rant on Islamic terrorists. Karl Rove would be proud.

When we glut the Mexican market with our cheap corn and soy we put their farmers out of business. They become very poor. They come to the US. The Mexican government is partly to blame to agreeing to NAFTA, but until the US completely dismantles it, you will continue to see increased illegal immigration.

The wall idea is stupid, mean-spirited, will harm wildlife, breaks communities apart whose families stradle both sides of the border, and most importantly: it will not work.

laura said...

What would be your suggestions then?

DRP said...

Laura -- As you'll read elsewhere on my blog, wildlife-friendly vehicle barriers work, without the harm to nature.

The biggest problem, as seen by those of us who actually live near the border, is smugglers driving through the border. Vehicle barriers stop this.

The only animals walls won't stop is people.

laura said...

I think that may be a major part of the problem...... people who are not familiar with the area, such as myself, making judgement calls.
I have yet to see anyone speak on behalf of the enviroment, and it's inhabitants. If you're open for suggestions........ I can tell you that people like me need to know that information. I may not be articulate, like yourself, ... so I'll put in my own words. " You need to get your butt on a national news broadcast!" The complaint from people of all political likes is the fact that our borders are not secure. I think that 9/11, and illegal immigration just brought it to the forefront. In any case, You hold valuable information that people need to make good sound decsions.