Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Giffords poised for congress to help AZ & America

TUCSON -- It's on! Giffords v. Graf, and Giffords will win in November.

“What is unmistakably clear is that the choice in this election is between common sense or beliefs that don’t fit Southern Arizona. If you elect me in November, I will work my heart out to bring Southern Arizona together, not drive wedges to force us apart,” Giffords said last night.

Gabrielle cruised in the dem primary, thanks to her smarts, likeability, positions, supporters, and great campaign machine.

Her main challenger, Patty Weiss, made a very smart and smooth political move by showing up at the big victory party last night to take the stage and warmly endorse Giffords. U.S. Army veteran Alex Rodriguez, another dem candidate, also showed up to endorse her.

On the GOP side, extreme right-wing candidate Randy Graf won less than half of the primary voters, but enough to get the nomination. GOP favorite Steve Huffman could not overcome the scared racist vote.

Watch for moderate Republican Jim Kolbe, the long-time respected congressman retiring from AZ CD8, to possibly help Giffords. Kolbe does not like Graf, who challenged him and lost in 04. Jim has said many times Graf is too extreme for the district.

Graf will attack and it'll be a tough race, with the border as the big issue, but I'm confident Giffords will be going to Washington. Giffords will steal the border issue from Graf with plans for real solutions, not just more failed border militarization.

As Gabrielle rightly says, 'change can't wait', and the winds of political change are blowing strong in southern Arizona.

Read this blog for close inside coverage of this great race of national importance.

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