Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Gonzo rich baseball dude wants big money Kyl

UPDATE, 9/14: It was announced today that Gonzo will leave the AZ Diamondbacks at the end of this season.

PHOENIX -- Luis Gonzalez is batting .275 this season for the Diamondbacks but he still makes $10.7 million, and that is before his many endorsement and commercial deals. He probably makes $25-50 million a year total. Almost as much as Kyl-backer Dick 'Darth Vader' Cheney.

So it is no surprise this declining overpaid baseball player backs big money Jon Kyl. Gonzo is not nuts, he wants more big tax cuts. He also has no political credibility, and probably doesn't even vote.

Luis, you should focus on playing better, or better yet, retire. Your D'backs won't be in the playoffs this year as you rake in the dough. And Kyl won't be in the Senate after he strikes out with Arizona's regular voters in November who want change and will vote for populist Jim Pederson.

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