Thursday, September 28, 2006

GOP attacks constitution & fair AZ 9/11 memorial

PHOENIX -- Republican right-wingers from Maricopa County continued to assault free speech and balanced views with their threats against Arizona's 9/11 memorial.

The memorial seems pretty lame, but still that doesn't stop the grandstanding of thought-controlling extremists.

Lead by wingnuts like Russell Pearce, the GOP censors are threatening to take down the monument, or delete some of the statements they don't like, such as anything having to do with peace or fairness.

These warmongers are clearly playing election year politics for their heroes GW Bush and Karl Rove. Pearce would probably like to replace the memorial with a USA bomb, or images of dead Iraqi children killed by our unwise war.

Arizona's legislature is currently a sad joke. Please vote in some smarter representatives, especially in the Kindom of Maricopa.

Pima County is doing our part.


Anonymous said...

Shallow, unwarrented, unreasoned assertion. Framing an objection as an attack IS a stiffling of free speach. Classifying as extremist any who disagree with you is biased and shallow. Making a boogy man of an entire organisation for its diversity of views is unfair, narrow minded and exclusive. Those who yell loudest for their own rights are least likely to respect the rights of others. Respect. Give it a try.

DRP said...

'anonymous': First, learn to spell; and use your real name to establish some credibility if you really feel so strongly here. 'anonymous' postings are very weak.

Second, the current lame AZ 9/11 memorial has a diversity of views, including some pro-war that you likely support. No one is calling on removal of those.

I do respect the objection and diversity of views. Russell Pearce, you, and other right-wingers seemingly do not. Calling an attack an attack absolutely does not affect anyone's free speech.

The right-wing zealots need to back off on the constant bully attempts at thought control.

Free speech, give it a try. If you don't like it, keep on watching Fox News and listening to your boy Rush L.

shrimplate said...

So "anonymous" isn't just a parody troll?!


Anonymous said...

And how dare you attack Rep. Pearce's religin.

DRP said...


I posted this to show the avg. intelligence level of those few who support the right-wing censors.

Nowhere in my post to I attack Pearce's 'riligion'

Anonymous said...

Pearce has a religion? A hateful one then. Certainly not Christian.

No one has mentioned Len Munsil (W calls him Lee) and how he wants to tear down the memorial if he (fat chance) gets elected governor. One sure way NOT to get yourself elected, Len.