Saturday, September 30, 2006

Kyl leads US to moral low with hateful border walls

TUCSON -- Yesterday was a sad moral low point in US history.

It's official, the US Senate pushed election year fear and politics by bowing to Jon Kyl and House extremists and approving 700 miles of Berlin Wall on the US-Mexico border.

The vote was 80-19.

Will Jim Pederson, Gov. Napolitano, or Gabrielle Giffords join Congressman Grijalva to wisely oppose the wall vote and denounce the action of congress? They absolutely should.

Many fearful lame dems joined the border wallheads, including Boxer and Feinstein of CA, Clinton of NY, Stabenow of MI, and Obama of IL.

Sen. Bingaman of NM gets special thanks as the only border state Senator with the backbone to vote against this hateful boondoggle. Senate dem leader Reid of NV smartly voted no.

Sen. Chaffee of RI
also deserves thanks as the only GOP member to vote against the Berlin Wall. The only Independent in the Senate, Jeffords of VT, also voted no.

Walls will crush wildlife, endangered species, relations with Mexico, and rights of indigenous people.

Expensive walls won't work, but a huge area will be walled off, about double the boundary between Arizona and Sonora.

President Ronald Reagan, who in 1987 called on the Soviets to tear down the Berlin Wall, must be spinning in his grave.

What we really need is a huge triple wall around Washington DC to protect us all from our terrible congress and president.


D_A said...

A rather interesting column in today's Publico (Guadalajara) newspaper opined that the only real winners in this fence fiasco were the coyotes, who can keep commanding higher fees from vulnerable migrants every time the border becomes tougher to cross.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a good opportunity for the profiteers at the cbd to file a lawsuit.

Dolly said...

Daniel wrote:

"Walls will crush wildlife, endangered species, relations with Mexico, and rights of indigenous people."

I agree there will be problems for wildlife and perhaps endangered species. Please explain how this will crush relations with Mexico and rights of indigenous people.

Anonymous said...

It does not matter if a wall is built, people will still find ways over it, around it, under it. A wall is just an excuse for not developing sound immmigration policies.