Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Kyl on low road with Bush lie, lie again fear politics

PHOENIX -- Lately it has become a common Republican tactic to just make up lies and repeat them over and over hoping some will stick for political gain.

That is the low-down dishonest tact Jon Kyl is taking against populist US Senate candidate Jim Pederson.

Pederson pledges to cut taxes for small businesses and families, but a new Kyl ad claims without credibility just the opposite.

Kyl's lie is even more insulting because Kyl has been an enemy of small business and families as a mercenary for mega corporations and big invasive government.

He's been so bad, in fact, that a recent Arizona Republic article details how Kyl has refused and failed to bring federal support to help people in our fast growing state. Under Kyl we all pay high fed taxes, and our money goes to DC but never comes back to help us at home.

Instead of services and help for Arizonans, Kyl pushes pork tax cuts for ultra-rich NASCAR.

As an Independent who sometimes supports Republicans, I am disgusted, and you should be too.

Jon Kyl, another lying politician keeping honest politics down. We can't trust Kyl.

Vote Jim Pederson for a Senator who cares about helping Arizonans.


Michael said...


Check out Vote Vets for a powerful new ad that can be aired in Arizona against Kyl. It's about how Kyl (Allen in the version on the Vote Vets website, but they can recut) voted against providing troops in Iraq with body armor. Could be a real field-changer in this race, but we have to go to the Vote Vets website, donate and vote for them to bring it to Arizona. Spread the word.

Also wrote about this on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Check out Lofty Donky and the post on just how out of touch Kyl is.

Arizonans have proven, with yesterday’s primary results, that they are more determined than ever to take back a Congress that has been complicit with President Bush’s attacks on women’s freedom and privacy. For years, Sen. Kyl has been actively opposing commonsense measures that would prevent unintended pregnancies and reduce the need for abortion.

Anonymous said...

Please! Get Kyl out now! This state needs better.