Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Libertarian scammer Lori Klein & bogus AZ P. 207

WEST VALLEY AZ -- Lori Klein, the 'homeowner' pushing for bad Prop. 207, isn't who she claims to be in the media.

Klein is hardly just a 'homeowner', she is an extreme right-winger who is married to Laird Maxwell, a Libertarian from Idaho who is infamous for funding and pushing ballot measures from afar, according to an Aug. 26 story in the Omaha World-Herald.

Maxwell is also a pushing a controversial anti-public-interest ballot measure in Nebraska this year.

Klein is seen here left of bad news Rick Renzi, and below speaking at a Libertarian conference in Alabama last February, in her position as a National 'FairTax' Fundraiser, for a Houston-based Libertarian anti-public-service group.

I'm not against Libertarians, in fact I support some core Libertarian ideals, but Klein, Maxwell, and the big money out-of-state developers pushing Prop. 207 are just not honest.

Bloggers need to push this story because the mainstream media isn't telling the whole truth, or asking the tough questions about Prop. 207 and who is really behind it.

Prop. 207 would be very bad for the public-interest, public health, environment, and neighborhoods in Arizona.

Vote NO on Prop. 207!


Anonymous said...

Good job Daniel, we need to get the word out to all Arizonans. Prop 207 is not good for Arizona. VOTE NO ON 207!

Zelph said...

I welcome you to post this at

More folks need to know about this.

Thane Eichenauer said...

I think your claim that Proposition 207 would be very bad for the public-interest, public health, environment and neighborhoods is flat out incorrect. The proposition specifically permits eminent domain for 'The use of land by the general public or by public agencies.' as well as health and safety issues. Perhaps if I am mistaken about this you can point out how Proposition 207 limits these uses.

There are governments who would be affected, said governments being those such as the City of Mesa that choose to condemn businesses that they want to give to their business buddies for a pittance. This iniative exists because businesses have been using government eminent domain to steal land left and right for private profit, NOT for schools, roads and other public facilities.

Anonymous said...

What core Libertarian ideals do you support? Because from what I've seen on your blog (and I've been here several times) you appear to be a socialist.

DRP said...

Wrong on socialist.

Support decrim./end drug war, gun rights, end corporate welfare, civil liberties.

207 is wacky and gives Libs. a bad name.