Saturday, September 16, 2006

Progressives stop bitching, keep clean elections

PHOENIX -- Arizona's clean elections system is a model for the country, so why are some dems and moderate republicans talking about stopping it?

It may be because right-wingers have so far overall been more effective at using clean elections than others. I'm no right-winger, but so what!

Dems and progressives must improve at using the clean elections system, not bitch and moan to weaken or dismantle it.

Progressives, please stop complaining and get better organized. Arizona must keep clean elections.


Michael said...

I've been trying to wrap my head around this too.

On Arizona Illustrated's political roundtable last night, it was suggested that Clean Elections has given previously fringe candidates an opportunity to compete where before they had none.

That's true, but that doesn't explain why they've been winning big in the last few cycles. Their message must resonate with enough voters to turn them out. It's all about turnout, really. The Democratic and moderate Republicans would still do well if they could improve their turnout, or whip up a more commited base.

I just don't buy that these guys are all of a sudden winning just because they have more money to spend now. David Jorgenson in LD26 could have easily self-financed in his successful House primary race. It's not about the money, it's about the message and the base.

Zelph said...

Exactly right, Micheal. The fact that some Religious Right wingnuts have benefited from clean elections doesn't mean that the whole thing should be scrapped. Anything that reduces the role of big money in politics is good in my estimation. A lot of progressive candidates have benefited from Clean Elections as well. Progressives just have to build an GOTV organization and a committed base that can use Clean Elections to their advantage. At any rate, Religious Right candidates are a problem for Republicans in the long run. They will cause the Republican party to drift further and further from the majority of voter as well as their corporate backers. When Munsil is trashed by Napolitano in the race for governor, it will set off a civil war in the Republican Party between the Theocons and the Corporatocons.