Tuesday, October 31, 2006

ACC passes new 15% renewable energy standard

PHOENIX -- After nearly three years of consideration and hearings, the Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) today passed a final rule establishing a new Renewable Energy Standard and Tariff (REST) that sets the goal and sets up a funding mechanism for 15% of a utility's power resources to come from renewable sources by the year 2025. The current goal was just over 1 % by 2007.

Some members tried to pass amendments that would have weakened the rule and/or sent it back to the Attorney General's office for yet another review. In the end, the proponents of reason prevailed and the measure passed by a vote of four in favor and one against.

Please send a quick thank you to these 4 commissioners for supporting renewable energy.

Chairman Jeff Hatch-Miller hatch-web@cc.state.az.us

Commissioner Kris Mayes mayes-web@cc.state.az.us

Commissioner Bill Mundell mundell-web@cc.state.az.us

Commissioner Barry Wong Wong-web@azcc.gov

Update from Sierra Club.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Give AZ growth & conservation options, Yes P. 106

PHOENIX -- See all the blue on this map of Tucson and SE AZ, that is Arizona State Trust Lands. It is a huge part of our landscape; 9.3 million acres statewide.

VOTE YES ON PROPOSITION 106 to give Arizona more options and tools for growth, education funding, and conservation.

Prop 106 is reasonable, some environmentalists even say too weak. To me, it is a modest step forward, and we need it now.

Forest Service fire policy risked SoCal fire fighters

INLAND EMPIRE CA -- As a former certified wildland fire fighter, I am very sad and angry over the deaths of 4 US Forest Service fire fighters in southern California this week.

Yes, it looks like some jerk set this fire, but these deaths didn't have to happen.

I've lived and worked many years in this part of southern California, and we can't stop hot fires during gusty dry Santa Ana winds. These lands have always burned, and we're not going to stop it.

Federal bosses sent these guys in to an explosive deathtrap and they died.

The Bush Forest Service failed fire policy is mostly to blame here for these deaths.

In general, fires go out when environmental conditions change, such as the wind dies, humidity goes up, or it rains.

These wildland fire fighters died trying to save houses in the forest. I understand people don't want their houses to burn down, but it can and will happen when urban sprawl moves in to wild areas and people don't prepare for fire.

The responsibility for protecting structures lies mainly with property owners. Far too many are still not practicing 'fire wise' living by removing burnable materials far away from their homes.

Forest Service fire fighters should not primarily focus on saving doomed houses to save the insurance industry fat cats big money.

We've got to start letting more fires burn themselves out, and stop killing fire fighters for the sake of urban sprawl, irresponsible land owners, and insurance industry lobbyists.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Giffords best in debates, issues, city & Cochise Cty.

TUCSON -- Looking strong in a dark jacket, Gabrielle Giffords again dominated a debate over Randy Graf last night. Education was a key focus. Clearly Giffords has a better grasp on education solutions and will work to improve, not cut education.

Giffords' truthful toughness is attractive to voters. Not only in the debates, but also in her excellent new 'line in the sand' ad about protecting Social Security and Medicare.

We need someone in DC for us who is tactfully tough and aggressive as needed against the Bushies. Gabrielle is showing her strengths well.

Giffords is maintaining a solid lead in a new AZ Daily Star/KVOA poll -- 14 points in Pima County, where almost all the D8 voters live, and at least 10 points district-wide. She is also doing well in Cochise County, especially with Independents.

Gabrille Giffords is a smart, sophisticated and tough. She has earned a chance to represent us in the US House.

Stick it to corrupt Renzi next week in Pinal County

Rick Renzi
PINAL COUNTY AZ -- Now that Republican Rick Renzi's land deal corruption is out in the open, Arizonans may want to peacefully challenge and protest his dirty politics next Thurs. Nov 2 outside the 3pm CD1 debate in Coolidge at Central Arizona College.

This is not too far from metro Phoenix or Tucson.

Here's Renzi (middle) getting a big check from controversial Republican House Speaker Dennis Hastert, and Tom Phillips, moneyman at the National Conservative Campaign Fund.

Good people of Arizona and CD1, let's get this scammer Renzi out of office Nov. 7.

It is still unknown if Renzi will debate, or if he'll chicken out again and avoid a public discussion of the issues.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

AZ activist of the month: Chris Kassar, biologist

TUCSON -- Chris Kassar is a wildlife biologist who works with the Center for Biological Diversity.

She is taking on the evil off-road lobby in a quest to protect our public lands in the southwest from motorized excess and abuse.

Chris came to Tucson about a year ago from Reno and has been a shining addition to the Arizona conservation movement.

Thanks and congratulations, Chris. Keep up the great work for the wild.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Edwards cheers with candidates & S. AZ voters

TUCSON -- John Edwards, former US Senator and Dem VP candidate in 04, was here today to raise money for Gabrielle Giffords and rally voters for her, Rep. Raul Grijalva, Jim Pederson, and many candidates.

Here is a cel phone shot of Edwards marching out with Pederson today downtown to a big crowd. Do these guys look ready for battle, or what?

Edwards, now Director of a poverty center at Univ. of North Carolina, focused on poverty, living wages, and alternative energy in his effective motivating speech.

Grijalva, Giffords, and Pederson all also were good on the mic.

Once again, visits of prominent national leaders like John Edwards show the importance of the political movement in Tucson and Arizona.

House race in CA critical to national environment

PLEASANTON CA -- See this fat guy with the cheesy hair lip smirking with Bush, it's Dick Pombo, the most anti-conservation member of the congress.

Given that Pombo hates nature so much, the GOP leaders made him chair of the most important environmental committee in the House, the Natural Resouces Committee.

Pombo's first move was to strike 'Natural' from the Committee title, so it is now called the House Resources Committee. Since there he has waged an all out war against our environmental and public health laws.

Pombo is a national threat to our wildlife, air, water, open spaces, and health. He is also one of the most corrupt members of congress. People of California's 11th Congressional District, please vote this chump out now, for the good of all mankind.

Luckily, there is a good candidate to vote for, Jerry McNerney. He needs your money and support now.

I'm donating today, and so should you, my friend.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Bush's Charlton delaying indictment of Rep. Renzi

PHOENIX -- Republican Congressman Rick Renzi (AZ) is now officially under investigation for a corrupt scam land deal involving the San Pedro River, Cochise County land and a huge foreign copper mining corporation.

It seems Renzi was trying to pocket millions with a business partner, James Sandlin, and aid development of a controversial mine on a National Forest at the same time. What a guy!

Bush and his cronies, including US Atty. for Arizona Paul K. Charlton, a GW Bush appointee, is holding off on issuing any indictment until after the election.

Blogs, the Phoenix New Times, and a whistleblower in Charlton's office broke the story. But Bush boy Charlton is trying to cover Renzi's ass, at least until after the election. Charlton wouldn't even confirm an investigation is on-going when asked by the Washington Post.

This is hardly a surprise coming from the GOP's Charlton. He is the same jerk who pressed heavy felony charges against border humanitarians, and refused to drop them. The court later dismissed his bogus political persecution.

Shame on Paul Charlton, US Attys. have a duty to enforce the law, not play politics and aid corruption.

Renzi is one of the worst congressmen in the AZ delegation and the nation. This is just one more reason of many to get rid of him.

People of District 1 in Flagstaff, Prescott, Sedona, Indian Country, Florence, Casa Grande, Oracle, Pinetop and elsewhere, help your state and your nation. Boot Renzi!


US House Dem Whip Hoyer in Tucson for Giffords

TUCSON -- Steny Hoyer, US House Democratic Whip (MD), was in Tucson today campaigning for Gabrielle Giffords.

He and Gabby stopped by her campaign HQ around 2:30pm to thank staff and volunteers. Hoyer then headed to Phoenix to campaign for Harry Mitchell.

Sen. John Edwards will campaign tomorrow in Tucson for Gabrielle and other dems.

House Dem Leader Nancy Pelosi was recently here with Congressman Grijalva.

These important visits from national leaders show Tucson and Arizona are on the map as critical places to help change the corruption in Washington. That's good for the nation and Arizona.

This big time support also shows again what a true rising star Giffords is on the political stage.

Monday, October 23, 2006

How I voted, and how you should vote too

TUCSON -- Here it is. Out in the open. This is how I voted today on my Pima County early ballot.

US Senator: Jim Pederson
US Rep. in Congress: Raul Grijalva
Governor: Janet Napolitano
State Sen. D29: Victor Soltero
State Reps. D29: Tom Prezelski, Linda Lopez
Sec. of State: Israel Torres
Atty. Gen.: Terry Goddard
State Treasurer: Rano Singh
Supt. of Public Instruction: Jason Williams
State Mine Inspector: Daniel Patterson (write in)
Corp. Comm.: Mark Manoil, Kris Mayes
Clerk of Superior Court: Margaret M. DiFrank
TUSD Board: Adelita Grijalva, Miguel Cuevas
All Judges: Yes, retain
Prop 100: No
Prop 101: Yes
Prop 102: No
Prop 103: No
Prop 104: No
Prop 105: No
Prop 106: Yes
Prop 107: No
Prop 200: Yes
Prop 201: Yes
Prop 202: Yes
Prop 203: Yes
Prop 204: Yes
Prop 205: Yes
Prop 206: No
Prop 207: No
Prop 300: No
Prop 301: No
Prop 302: Yes
Prop 400: Yes

300M overpopulation in USA nothing to celebrate

TUCSON -- As Bush officials cheered in Washington, the US population official estimate recently soared past 300,000,000. Metro Tucson is now 1,000,000.

This is nothing to celebrate.

America's population is amongst the highest and fastest growing in the developed world.

Too many people put too much strain on our planet, agriculture, water supplies, air, roads, power supply, overall infrastructure and quality of life.

We need to stop listening to religious fanatics and the Pope and offer real incentives for birth control.

My wife and I have just one child, and we are all very happy.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Mack hits homer against Kyl in Senate debate

TUCSON -- In the first big debate Wednesday between Arizona's US Senate candidates, Richard Mack (L), former Graham County Sheriff, did surprisingly well against Jon Kyl.

Mack established himself as a viable conservative alternative to Jon Kyl. He could peel away votes from the right that otherwise would go to Kyl.

Jim Pederson, now within 5 points of Kyl, is still the clear choice for progressives, but he must do better in these debates.

Pederson's tone and manner were slow, and uppity. Jim needs a tan and to look in to the camera, which is not easy under bright studio lights. He also needs to be more positive. Yes, attack Kyl, but also focus on why, specifically, he would be better for us in the Senate.

Kyl did well in delivering his Bush agenda, which is not surprising given his years of spin doctoring and public speaking in the Senate.

But during the debate it was clear why Kyl didn't want Mack there. Mack is on message, with a good position on Iraq. Except for Mack's anti-conservation tirade, he presented himself as a credible candidate, especially from the right.

Watch for a significant amount of GOP voters to vote Mack, not Kyl.

Great job Bill Buckmaster and KUAT for getting all three candidates to debate, despite the Kyl threat to boycott if Mack was there.

I still like Pederson best in this race, but Mack deserves some recognition here. Mack is better than Kyl.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Graf's Cochise Cty. tour weak; Giffords holds strong

Randy Graf tours Cochise County Wednesday
Events sparsely attended by hardcore righties

BISBEE AZ – GOP candidate for congress Randy Graf toured Cochise County Wednesday with stops in Benson, Willcox, Douglas, Bisbee, and Sierra Vista.

Graf, seen short at left with other white guys and Global Warming Hummer, drove himself and campaign manager around in a Ford truck.

Starting in Benson at 8am at the Horse Shoe Café, four of the five campaign stops had very few supporters show up.

About 4-8 Graf fans turned out at each of the first four stops. About 30 showed up at County GOP HQ in Sierra Vista to end the day. A weak total of maybe 50 people all day.

Reporters from CNN and The Hill were there early, then left to return from Tucson. A Los Angeles Times editorial writer appeared in Benson, Douglas, and Bisbee. And I made all stops, covering all corners of the county to bring you the independent perspective.

Graf did an interview with the BBC by phone from Willcox.

The talk was tough, when there was much talk. Mostly Graf jawboned and joked with the sparse huddles of supporters, some in cowboy hats, some with sidearms.

Guns were a major theme of talk on the Graf tour. Randy is endorsed by the NRA. I got a yellow diamond sticker (think ‘baby on board’) that reads ‘WARNING: Driver only carries $20 in ammunition.’ Unique and truly American. Oh wait, these are also probably popular in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I support guns and the 2nd amendment, so I was not troubled by this too much. I'm glad Giffords also supports the right to bear arms. Guns are a powerful issue in AZ politics, especially in rural areas.

At one stop Randy joked, ‘my alarm system goes 2900 feet per second, can you outrun that?’ He was referring to the speed of a bullet.

The border and immigration, of course, were the other big targets today. Randy talked tough. Border vigilantes greeted him in Douglas, one packin’ heat in a black skull and crossbones shirt. The tough punisher mentality.

Answering questions, Randy showed positions on many issues.

He thinks House Speaker Hastert (R) has done nothing wrong that should require his removal.

He supports Prop 207, putting him at odds with almost all other elected officials in AZ.

Randy wants to break up the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, calling it ‘too liberal.’

Graf recently met with Karl Rove during Rove’s GOP fundraising stop in Tucson, but he doesn’t expect any direct support from the White House before the Nov 7 election.

Graf’s tour was small and homey. It did not seem extremely well organized. The turnouts were small.

Giffords seems strongest, even in Cochise County, and especially in organization.

Bisbee, the county seat, and Douglas, on the border, are especially strongholds for Giffords.

Most of the voters in CD8 are in metro Tucson, where Giffords is strongest. But don't be surprised if she also wins Cochise County.

People here are pretty smart, and want a more independent voice who is not lock-step with Bush.

This Independent Voter report was done for the Arizona Independent Media Center and will also be posted there, arizona.indymedia.org

Friday, October 13, 2006

Vote Mayes and Manoil for AZ Corporation Comm.

PHOENIX -- I endorse Kris Mayes (R) and Mark Manoil (D) for Arizona Corporation Commission and encourage you to vote for both of them.

The ACC is very important to our everyday lives, overseeing energy, water, railroads, securities, communications and other industries we use everyday, and pay a lot for.

Mayes, a rare public-interest Republican, has been a champion on most consumer & environmental protection issues. She has shown she has good ideas. She is tough and can be trusted to take on industry.

She has taken on TEP and Kinder-Morgan, fighting for Tucsonans' quality of life.

Kris Mayes has earned another term.

Mark Manoil has solid ideas for renewable energy and water. Plus, I've actually seen him at some campaign events in Tucson. He is out hustling, meeting people and discussing the issues he'll spearhead as an ACC Commissioner.

Read up on these two candidates on their websites linked above.

Ric Boyer (D) also seems like a decent candidate, but there are only two open seats and he comes in third on my list.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Election greens Bush to push renewable biofuels

ST. LOUIS -- You know the tide is turning for alternative renewable biofuels when even Prez. GW Bush starts pushing for them. Gotta give him some credit here.

This week the administration allocated $21.5M for renewable fuels and biomass energy, very likely at least in part to try to look more green before the election.

GW is even more progressive than Jon Kyl on this issue. Kyl has consistently opposed renewable energy, which shows us again how wack Kyl is.

There's good money to be made in clean fuels. People want more and more to use and buy it. Money, of course, is the main motivation of Mr. Bush.

I'm a big fan of biodiesel, using it with great success in our VW Passat TDI. We may invest in a biodiesel project in Iowa, to help be an independent source of biofuels from more efficient crops, hopefully with a good return.

For true energy security we must get out of Iraq and the Mid-East, and stop propping up Israel so much. Biofuels alone will not do it.

We've also got to stop burning so much fuel, period, and stop building more and bigger roads. Walk, ride a bike, bus, carpool, live closer to work and school -- these are the real answers. Live healthier and happier.

Farm lands in Arizona could grow fuel biomass, likely making much more cash than growing cotton, cattle, citrus or alfalfa. More jobs would be in producing biofuels near cities such as Tucson, Phoenix, and Yuma. We'd all breathe cleaner air.

Hopefully there will be many long-term independent producers for biofuels, keeping a monopoly away from XOM/BP Big Energy, Inc.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Secret wrong attacks on Giffords lack credibility

UPDATE, 10/22: These lies are coming from a Houston-based GOP group with close ties to Enron CEO Ken Lay and disgraced former congressman Tom DeLay. With liars like that, who needs honesty!?!

TUCSON -- An anonymous front group, so-called "Americans for Honesty on Issues," is running mud-slinging TV ads attacking Gabrielle Giffords and distorting her record and positions on immigration.

Check out their nothing website. No info at all about who they are, where they are, who's paying for it, no phone number or address, etc.

Is this even legal?

This anonymous dishonest political attack lacks credibility and should be offensive to voters.

Perhaps the attack ad is from pro-Graf David Duke, the KKK, right-wing GOP radicals, or the Nazis?

Voters trust & favor Giffords on immigration
, because they know she'll work with everyone for new real solutions, unlike Graf who'll just serve the haters with more of the same failed border militarization.

The only decent thing about the secret source hit ad is it gives the phone number for Giffords HQ, likely hoping people will call and make threats.

At least if people call they can get the real truth.

Dirty Jon Kyl: at war against earth & public health

WASHINGTON -- Dirty Jon Kyl has a terrible record on protecting public health and the environment. Read below for the deadly details.

America and Arizona can't live with Dirty Jon Kyl.

Toxic Waste Pollution
-- Jon Kyl has voted 6 times to shift the burden of paying for toxic cleanups to taxpayers. Under the Superfund tax industries where required to pay a special tax to clean up toxic waste sights. Jon Kyl voted against renewing the Superfund tax and now taxpayers are forced to take on this burden. [H. Con. Res. 83, 4/3/2001, Vote # 77, Vote #469 9/27/95, HR 2620, 11/8/01, #334, S. Amdt. 408, 3/25/03 Vote #97, HR 6, 11/21/03, Vote #456, Senate Finance Committee Markup of S.597, 04/02/03]

In 2004, Jon Kyl even voted against requiring the Department of Energy to clean up millions of gallons of highly radioactive waste in corroding tanks. [S. 2400, 6/3/04, Vote #107]

In 2003, Jon Kyl once again went to bat for big industry when he voted to shield producers of contaminant MTBE from defective lawsuits, including some lawsuits already in the courts.
[HR 6, 11/21/03, Vote #456]

Clean Water -- Kyl was the deciding vote to put tax cuts ahead of higher arsenic standards. Kyl was the deciding votes to kill an amendment to enable water systems to comply with higher arsenic standards recommended by the National Academy of Sciences and already adopted by the World Health Organization and European Union. [Vote #148, 5/22/2001]

Kyl Voted for a New Standard for Arsenic Levels in Drinking Water. In 2001, Kyl voted for an amendment that would require the EPA to immediately adopt a new standard for arsenic in drinking water consistent with the Safe Drinking Water Act. The substitute would provide $84.1 billion for the departments of Veterans Affairs (VA) and Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and related agencies. [HR 2620, 8/1/01, #265] (Passed 97-1)

Kyl Voted Against Controlling Microbes And Contaminants In Drinking Water. Jon Kyl voted against safeguards to control health risks from microbes in drinking water, and he voted against letting communities know about contaminants in their drinking water [Vote #587, Motion to Table Agreed To 59-40, 104th Congress, 1st Session, 11/29/95]

Kyl voted 3 times against funding for water programs, including $5 billion on rural water and sewer programs that would directly help rural communities in Arizona. [Vote #211, 5/25/95 Vote #155 5/23/96, HR 2861, 11/12/03, #449]

Kyl Opposed EPA Moving Swiftly to Clean Up River and Ocean Sites Containing Hazardous Pollutants. Jon Kyl voted to table an amendment to the VA-HUD FY ‘01 Appropriations by Sen. Boxer that would have expressed the sense of Congress "that the Environmental Protection Agency should move swiftly to clean up river and ocean sites around the nation that have been contaminated with PCBs, DDT, dioxins, metals, and other toxic chemicals in order to protect the public health, safety, and the environment." [Vote #271, Motion to Table Agreed To 56-39, 106th Congress, 2nd Session, 10/12/00]

Global Warming Pollution -- Jon Kyl voted 4 times in two years against reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In 2005, he even voted against a McCain amendment to limit greenhouse gas emissions. [Vote #420, 10/30/03 HR6, Vote #148, 6/22/05, HR6, Vote #149, 6/22/05, HR 6, Vote #151, 6/22/05]

Jon Kyl puts polluters above the health of American citizens by voting 3 times to allow polluters to indefinitely postpone the EPA rules that would enforce the Clean Air Act. [Vote #309, 7/17/95; Vote #311, 7/18/95; Vote #315, 7/20/95]

Not surprisingly, Jon Kyl voted in support of the Bush administrations rule that would allow aging, polluting factories to expand their facilities without upgrading their pollution control. [HJR2 1/22/2003 Vote #12]

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge -- Kyl has voted ten times to open up ANWR to drilling by the big oil companies. [Vote #525, 10/27/95; Vote #556, 10/27/95; Vote #584, 11/17/95; Vote #58, 4/6/00; Vote #71, 4/18/2002; Vote #59, 3/19/2003; Vote #52, 3/16/05; Vote #81 3/17/05; Vote #303, 11/3/05, Vote #114, 4/28/05]

Oil Exports from Alaska -- Jon Kyl put foreign oil needs above Americas’ when he voted to repeal prohibitions on the export of Alaskan Northern Slope Oil. This vote would allow any oil that is potentially found in ANWR to be export to other countries, not requiring oil companies to keep the oil in the United States. [Vote #170 5/16/95; Vote #574 11/14/95]

Pesticides and Human Study -- Kyl Voted to Allow Pesticide Testing on Humans, After a Study. In 2005, Kyl voted for an amendment that would direct the EPA administrator to conduct a review of all third-party intentional human dosing studies. It also would direct the administrator to issue a final rule within 180 days of enactment that addresses the application of ethical standards to third-party studies involving intentional human dosing to identify or quantify toxic effects. [HR 2361, #161, 6/29/05] (Passed 57-39)

In 2000, Jon Kyl voted to allow toxic pesticides to be used in our National Parks and National Monuments, where children may be present. [HR 4578, Vote #210, 7/18/00]

Endangered Species Act -- Kyl Supported Efforts to Gut the Endangered Species Act. Jon Kyl supported a measure offered by Sen. Hutchison that would have rescinded $1.5 million from the amounts available in FY ‘95 for determining whether a species is a threatened or endangered species and whether habitat is critical habitat under the Endangered Species Act. [Vote #107, Decision of Chair Not Sustained 42-57, 104th Congress, 1st Session, 3/16/95]

Kyl Voted Against Protecting Endangered Species. In 2003, Kyl voted against an amendment that would bar the Interior secretary from designating as critical habitat Defense Department-owned lands subject to a Pentagon management plan, but only if the Interior secretary certifies that the management plan would effectively conserve endangered species and would receive adequate funding. [S 1050, 5/21/03, #190] (Passed 51-48)

Clean Air -- Kyl Voted Against Protecting the Clean Air Act. Jon Kyl voted three times to move forward towards passage the Republican regulatory “reform” bill that would have allowed polluters to indefinitely postpone the EPA rules that would enforce the Clean Air Act. [Vote #309, 7/17/95; Vote #311, 7/18/95; Vote #315, 7/20/95]

Kyl Voted Against Stronger Clean Air Standards. In essence, this was a vote to support the Bush administration rules that would allow aging factories, mills and refineries, which significantly contribute to air pollution, to expand or modernize their facilities without upgrading their pollution controls. The NAS study would have provided a 6 month public health and environment analysis before the rules went into effect. [HJR2 1/22/2003 Vote #12]

At The Time, According To Natural Resources Defense Council, These Rules “Represent The Most Dramatic Rollback Of Our Clean Air Laws Since Congress Enacted Them More Than 30 Years Ago.” On December 31, 2002, the Bush administration announced its intention to revise the “New Source Review,” procedures under the Clean Air Act. In effect, the new rules will allow the owners of the nation’s oldest and most polluting power plants to increase air pollution and subject them to lesser scrutiny. The Natural Resources Defense Council has stated that “the proposed rule changes represent the most dramatic rollback of our clean air laws since Congress enacted them more than 30 years ago.” [NRDC]

Kyl Voted Against Monitoring Air Toxins Following Large Fires. In 2003, Kyl voted against an amendment that would authorize a program for the EPA to monitor additional air toxins following a fire that is declared a federal disaster. Monitoring would end when the EPA has determined the danger has subsided. [HR 1904, 10/29/03, #418] (Passed 78-17)

Kyl voted against a joint resolution “that would provide for congressional disapproval of a rule from the EPA which removed coal and oil-fired electric generating units from the list of major sources of hazardous air pollutants as defined by the Clean Air Act.” [SJR 20, Vote #225, 9/13/05]

Environmental Programs -- Kyl Supported Efforts to Slash Funding to Enforce Environmental Laws. Jon Kyl voted in favor of a GOP funding bill that slashed funding for the EPA to enforce environmental laws, including the Clean Air Act. [Vote #470, 9/27/95]

Kyl Opposed Increasing Funding for Environmental Programs By $7.3 Billion. Jon Kyl voted to table an amendment to the Concurrent Budget Resolution for FY’s 1997-2002 by Sen. Kerry that would have increased spending on the EPA, the National Park Service, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration by a total of $7.3 billion over 6 years by increasing tax collections. [Vote #125, Motion to Table Agreed To 55-45, 104th Congress, 2nd Session, 5/22/96]

Kyl Voted Against Providing Funding For The Protection Of Our Environment. Kyl voted against a Corzine amendment to increase spending on environmental and conservation programs by $1.1 billion in fiscal 2004 and $12.4 billion over 10 years. The spending would be offset by a reduction in tax cuts. [SCR23 3/25/2003 Vote #96]

Kyl Voted Against $2.9 Billion for Pollution Control, Forest and Parks Services, Conservation Programs and Army Corps of Engineers. The amendment would increase funding the Corps of Engineers, the Federal Water Pollution Control State Revolving Fund, the National Park Service, the Forest Service, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, federal conservation programs and other natural resource programs by $2.9 billion, to be offset by closing corporate tax loopholes. [Vote #60, 3/16/06]

Feedlots/Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations -- Kyl Opposed Limits on Confined Livestock Feeding Operations Receiving Federal Funds. Jon Kyl voted against an amendment to the Freedom to Farm Bill of 1996 that set limits on the size of confined livestock feeding operations eligible to receive cost-sharing benefits under the Environmental Quality Incentive Program for the construction of animal management facilities. These facilities are devastating to the environment: ground, air, and water.[Vote #15, Amendment Agreed To 57-39, 104th Congress, 2nd Session, 2/7/96]

National Monuments -- Kyl Voted to Allow Drilling in National Monuments. 38 Republicans, including Kyl voted to support drilling in National Monuments. Senate Democrats, led by Senator Durbin (D-IL), offered an amendment to prohibit the use of federal funds to pay for exploration or drilling within lands designated as National Monuments. Senator Burns (R-MT) tried to kill the amendment by tabling it. [Vote #229, 7/11/2001]

Kyl Voted Against Protecting our National Monuments. In 1997, Kyl voted for a bill that would curb the President’s ability to set aside land for national monuments. The bill required any national monument designation over 50,000 acres to be ratified by Congress. The bill was put forth by Republicans who were angry at President Clinton’s decision to designate 1.7 million acres in southern Utah as a national monument. The bill passed 229 to 197. [HR 1127, Vote #495, 10/7/97; New York Times 10/8/97]

Kyl Supported a Measure Prohibiting Funds to Be Used to Establish or Expand a National Monument Under the Antiquities Act Without the Consent of Congress. Jon Kyl voted for an amendment to the FY ‘01 Interior Appropriations by Sen. Nickles that prohibited the use of funds from the appropriations bill to be used to establish or expand a national monument under the Antiquities Act of 1906 unless expressly authorized by an Act of Congress. [Vote #208, Amendment Rejected 49-50, 106th Congress, 2nd Session, 7/18/00]

Construction Projects -- Kyl Opposed $2 Billion for Tax-Exempt Environmentally Friendly Construction Projects. Kyl, on May 5, 2004, voted against the Allard amendment to S.1637, which was an amendment to authorize $2 billion for “tax-exempt bonds for environmentally friendly construction projects.” [S 1637, 5/5/04, #84; National Journal’s Congress Daily, 05/06/04] (Passed 76-23)

Renewable Fuels -- Kyl Voted to Delay The Renewable Fuel Mandate. In 2002, Kyl voted for an effort to delay the renewable fuel mandate, which would require an increasing amount of renewable fuel, including ethanol and biodiesel, to be blended into motor vehicle fuel sold in the United States. The renewable fuel mandate would result in a tripling of ethanol production to 5 billion gallons a year by 2012, a boon to farmers. [S 517, 4/25/02, #88; Associated Press, 4/26/02] (Motion to Kill Passed 60-39)

Kyl Supported Tax Breaks for Big Oil and Gas Companies. Jon Kyl opposed a measure that would have struck sections of the Balanced Budget Reconciliation Act of 1995 that would have given “royalty relief” on new oil or gas wells drilled on new or existing leases in Gulf of Mexico. “Royalty relief” is a tax break for the oil and gas companies. [Vote #553, Motion Rejected 29-70, 104th Congress, 1st Session, 10/27/95]

Kyl Rejected Tax Credits for Renewable Energy Technologies. Jon Kyl voted against an amendment to establish tax credits for investments in renewable energy technologies, incentives for new energy efficient residential construction and tax deductions for increased energy efficiency in commercial buildings. [Vote #125, Motion Rejected 43-56, 107th Congress, 1st Session, 5/21/01Vote #125, May 21, 2001]

Kyl Voted To Delay Congressional Action On Fuel Efficiency Requirements For Automobiles Known As CAFE Standards. Jon Kyl voted against an amendment to raise fuel efficiency standards. The CAFÉ standards were part of a larger substitute amendment to overhaul the nation’s energy policies, restructure the electricity system and provide for a total of $16.04 billion in energy-related tax incentives. [S517 3/13/2002 Vote #47]

Kyl Proposed an Amendment to Suspend Federal Renewable Energy Standards For Certain States. In 2002, Kyl voted to suspend the application of the proposed Federal 10-percent renewable portfolio standard in a State if the Governor of that State notified the Secretary of Energy that its application would be harmful to consumers in the State. The amendment was rejected, 37-58. [S 517, 3/21/02, #59]

Kyl Opposed Renewable Fuel Mandates. In 2002, Kyl voted to strike the vehicle renewable fuel mandates from the Daschle further modified substitute amendment to the National Laboratories Partnership Improvement Act of 2001. The motion to table was agreed to, 69-30. [S 517, 4/23/02, #78]

Kyl Voted Against Requiring Reduction in the Amount Of Oil Used By Cars. In 2002, Kyl voted against requiring the Secretary of Transportation to promulgate regulations for passenger and non-passenger automobiles manufactured after model year 2006 that were designed to reduce the amount of oil (including oil refined into gasoline) used by automobiles by at least 1 million barrels per day by 2015. The motion to table was agreed to, 57-42. [S 517, 4/25/02, #90]

Kyl Was One of Eight Senators Who Opposed Alternative Fuel Motor Vehicle Tax Credit. Kyl voted against killing an amendment that would strike the new qualified alternative fuel motor vehicle tax credit, the new hybrid motor vehicle tax credit, the new qualified fuel cell motor vehicle tax credit, and the extension of the present law tax credit for electric vehicles. The motion to table was agreed to, 91-8. [S 517, 4/25/02, #91] (Motion to table passed 91-8) The amendment was sponsored by Kyl himself.

Kyl Voted Against Renewable Electricity. In 2005, Kyl voted for an amendment to the Energy Bill that would bar federal subsidies for all wind power projects that fell within 20 miles of “high scenic areas. [HR 6, 6/22/05, #150] (Failed 32-63)

Kyl Was the Only Senator to Vote Against Reducing US dependence on Foreign Oil. In June 2003, Kyl voted against an amendment that would require the president to develop and implement measures to reduce total demand for petroleum in the United States by 1 million barrels per day by 2013, with the aim of reducing dependence on foreign oil. It would also require the president to submit an annual progress report to Congress. [S 14, 6/10/03, #213] (Passed 99-1)

Kyl Voted Against Renewable Fuel Requirements. In April 2004, Kyl voted against requiring that gasoline sold or introduced into the United States contain renewable fuel in specific amounts, beginning with 3.1 billion gallons in 2005 and increasing each year to 5 billion gallons in 2012. [S 150, 4/29/04, #73] (Cloture Failed 40-59)

Kyl Voted Against Renewable Fuels. Kyl voted not to require refiners to annually use 8 billion gallons of renewable fuels by 2012. [Vote #138, 6/15/05]

Kyl voted against legislation that would require refiners to annually use 8 billion gallons of renewable fuels by 2012. [HR 6, Vote #139, 6/15/05].

Kyl voted against legislation to encourage President Bush to develop measures that will reduce our dependency on foreign oil by 2025. [HR 6, Vote #140, 6/15/05]

Kyl voted against mandating renewable energy sources must produce at least 10 percent of the electricity sold by electric utilities by 2020 – 2.5 % by 2008-2011. [HR 6, Vote #141, 6/16/05]

Kyl voted for oil and gas drilling in coastal waters. “Environmentalists who fear offshore oil drilling suffered a clear defeat Tuesday when the Senate voted 52-44 to allow a federal inventory of oil and natural gas resources in coastal waters. Proponents of the inventory said it would help the nation assess its potential energy supplies. Opponents warned it would set off explosive testing in sensitive areas and prepare the way for oil drilling along the shores of Florida and California.” [Sun-Sentinel, 6/22/05, HR6, Vote #143, 6/21/05]

Kyl voted against mandating phased increases in Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) Standards. Legislation would have required passenger vehicles built before 2008 to average 25 miles per gallon and increase to 40 miles per gallons my model year 2016. Non-passenger vehicles would average 17 miles per gallon before 2008 and rise to an average 27.5 miles per gallon by 2016. [HR 6, Vote #157, 6/23/05]

Kyl voted against requiring oil and gas companies to sell oil drilled in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in the United States rather than exporting it (in order to keep gas prices down). [S1932, Vote #289, 11/3/05]

Kyl voted against imposing a temporary tax on oil companies. The legislations would have imposed a temporary “windfall profits” tax on oil company profits from crude oil sales. The revenue from the tax would be used to provide a consumer tax credit for petroleum products [S 2020, Vote #331, 11/17/05]

Kyl voted against repealing tax breaks for Oil and Gas Companies. [S 2020, Vote #332, 11/17/05]

Kyl voted against a ban on price gouging on energy products. [S 2020, Vote #334, 11/17/05]

Jon Kyl, In 2003, Was One Of Two Senators In The Senate Finance Committee To Vote Against Tax Incentives For Energy Conservation, Including Hybrid And Other Alternative Fuel Vehicles. Jon Kyl, on April 2, 2003, was one of two senators who voted in the Senate Finance Committee against S.597, which was a bill to provide $15 billion in energy conservation tax incentives. The tax breaks in the bill included tax breaks for alternative cars, tax breaks for renewable energy production, including wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass energy production, and incentives for the use of alternative fuels, including ethanol. (Senate Finance Committee Markup of S.597, 04/02/03)

Jon Kyl, In 2003, Proposed Amendments In The Senate Finance Committee To Eliminate Incentives For Hybrid Cars, Wind Energy, And Alternative Fuels. Jon Kyl, on April 2, 2003, proposed numerous amendments in the Senate Finance Committee. Most were defeated by voice vote, “including one to remove subsidies for wind energy and one to remove subsidies for alternative fuels.” (CQ Committee Coverage, 04/02/03)

Jon Kyl also “suggested zeroing out the credit for hybrids and electric cars. ‘The benefits of alternative fuel vehicles are questionable,’ he said. Kyl said his amendment striking funding for alternative fuel vehicles would save $2.04 billion, but the provision failed by voice vote.” (Environment and Energy Daily, 04/03/03)


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Activist Craig Miller missing, maybe in Tucson Mtns

UPDATE, 10/11, 7:30AM: Craig Miller is alive and home. He was caught in storms and walked home this AM wet and cold. DRP

TUCSON -- Longtime conservationist and friend Craig Miller is missing since Sunday from his SW Tucson home near Beehive Peak. He may be nearby in the southern Tucson Mountains.

Friends, family, and volunteers are searching along with the Pima County Sheriff.

I am working on getting a photo. Check local Tucson TV news tonight for an update.

Craig has worked for many years to protect wolves and other predators and their habitat in the southwest.

AZ ballot propositions: Vote yes on 200-205

TUCSON -- Here's my quick rundown on how you should vote on some AZ Propositions.

These are all VOTE YES recommendations.

200: What's wrong with offering a shot at $1 million for voting? I like this idea, if nothing else it is a just reward for regular voters. The establishment has been too quick to dismiss this incentive. Buck them and vote yes. You could win a million.

201: C'mon, this is AZ, smoking outside is hardly a burden for smokers, and it protects non-smokers and workers in bars.

202: Raise the minimum wage. This is a no brainer. Vote yes.

203: Raise much needed funds for early childhood education. This helps little kids stay healthy and get smart.

204: Humane treatment for farm animals. I eat meat (except pig or cow), but the feedlot industry is nasty. This will do just a little to help improve conditions for animals. The real answer here is eat less meat. AZ should try to protect the public-interest by curbing polluting, disgusting feedlots. This ain't Texas, thank god.

205: Voting by mail is a great option, and this makes it happen, while still preserving the right to vote at the polls if you want. Given that AZ Attorney General Terry Goddard is appealing the recent court decision against the old anti-immigrant Prop. 200, meaning if he wins you'll again have to prove yourself before voting, this Prop. is more important than ever.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

McCain a far right GOP lackey with Graf support

WASHINGTON -- Our other right-wing Senator, who does little to nothing for Arizona as he plays national politics from DC, has endorsed ultra-right Randy Graf for congress.

This is nothing but McCain continuing to kiss the ass of Bush and the far right GOP zealots as he positions himself to run (and lose) for President in 08.

The far right will never love McCain, and he is losing his moderate support as well due to his pathetic pandering. Stupid moves, John.

Instead of McCain for President, I prefer McCain for retirement; he is getting old. McCain is no maverick, and has lost his 'straight talk' approach.

Gabrielle Giffords is a far superior moderate candidate, and she's going to win.

Good thing Giffords has class and will likely forgive McCain for his unwise moves, and try to work with him in the Senate once she is elected to congress Nov 7.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Kos view from SF wrong on Pederson-Kyl race

PHOENIX -- Blogger Kos has declared, from his righteous position in the SF Bay Area, that the Pederson-Kyl race is not competitive.

Kos is wrong!

This race is tightening; Pederson is within 6 points or less.

Take it from me, an Independent who's actually been out talking face-to-face with AZ voters.

Pederson has not run a perfect campaign, but lately he's been on target.

Now is the time to rally around Pederson to change AZ's poor representation in the US Senate.

Kyl has a terrible public-interest record
and he's got to go. Jim Pederson is a real alternative.

Kos, keep up the good work, but remember that your view from out-of-state may be out-of-touch.

DRP in media on AZCD8, border, and GOP greens

TUCSON -- This was a big week for me in the major media.

Monday I was invited on a national NPR show produced by WGBH Boston, Radio Open Source. The topic is the CD8 race between Giffords and Graf. It is worth a listen. I'm on live from Cochise County at the 40 minute mark as a centrist blogger.

Sept. 30 I was invited on KCBS San Francisco to talk as an ecologist about the bad border walls and the harm they will cause to wildlife.

Thursday I had two opinions in print, the border walls in the Arizona Daily Star, and GOP green Ray Carroll in the Tucson Weekly.

Good job, major media, including my views in the national media mix.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Rex Allen Days and Independent rural AZ politics

WILLCOX AZ -- I ended my Cochise County political tour today at the start of the annual Rex Allen Days celebration.

Rex Allen was a famous singing cowboy from Willcox.

Gabrielle Giffords will ride her horse in the Rex Allen parade tomorrow. Should be fun. She will be well accepted by the crowd.

The hundreds of I's I talked with this week are mostly very against the current direction from Washington.

Some voluteered that GOP House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) should resign due to the Foley scandal. I agree.

WWRD? What would Rex do?

Vote out the scoundrels.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

AZ Indy's sick of Bush & GOP Congress' failures

BISBEE AZ -- I've been talking with Cochise County Independent voters all week, and most of them say they are sick and tired of the mistakes by Bush and the GOP-lead Congress in DC.

So far it looks to me that CD8 I's are significantly trending away from the GOP and incumbents in general as they prepare to vote Nov 7.

I'll try to give a more detailed report on Saturday.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Cochise County tour to educate voters for Nov. 7

UPDATE, 10/15: Heading back for another round this week. DRP

BISBEE AZ -- I'm on a Cochise County tour this week, meeting and talking with people, and working for good votes in the upcoming election.

Should be fun hard work. I'll try to do daily updates from the road.