Monday, October 23, 2006

300M overpopulation in USA nothing to celebrate

TUCSON -- As Bush officials cheered in Washington, the US population official estimate recently soared past 300,000,000. Metro Tucson is now 1,000,000.

This is nothing to celebrate.

America's population is amongst the highest and fastest growing in the developed world.

Too many people put too much strain on our planet, agriculture, water supplies, air, roads, power supply, overall infrastructure and quality of life.

We need to stop listening to religious fanatics and the Pope and offer real incentives for birth control.

My wife and I have just one child, and we are all very happy.


shrimplate said...

Rick Renzi has 12 kids. Len Munsil has god-knows how many future toilet-plunger-up-the-rectum progeny.

The right-wing religious families of our nation believe that women must stay home and produce as many children as possible.

How do progressives counter this?

Easy. We draw away their children with truth, freedom, and the American Way. And when they are of majority age, we give them condoms. Lots of them. For free. The lubricated and ribbed kind.

Anonymous said...

Progressives counter this by calling for open borders.....

Jeneiene said...

Our progressive family countered this by having our male head of household get a vasectomy and proudly boasting of it to all our friends over taquila. Nothing says 'we are the fun group so join us' than good taquila and a good snip. Thanks, sweetie! ; )

And to anon: if we had an end to NAFTA, our good friends to the South would be glad to stay put behind the border. No self-respecting Mexican actually wants to come here and stay. They're not that crazy.