Thursday, October 26, 2006

AZ activist of the month: Chris Kassar, biologist

TUCSON -- Chris Kassar is a wildlife biologist who works with the Center for Biological Diversity.

She is taking on the evil off-road lobby in a quest to protect our public lands in the southwest from motorized excess and abuse.

Chris came to Tucson about a year ago from Reno and has been a shining addition to the Arizona conservation movement.

Thanks and congratulations, Chris. Keep up the great work for the wild.


Anonymous said...

"Evil off road lobby"?. I bet you wonder
why Democrats do so badly in Elections.

DRP said...

? I'm an Independent, not a Dem.

What I wonder is why so many scared Republicans won't use their names, Anonymous.

What good has the off-road lobby done for society?

Big Brother said...

Way to go, Chris! Don't let them intimidate are on the side of right!