Tuesday, October 10, 2006

AZ ballot propositions: Vote yes on 200-205

TUCSON -- Here's my quick rundown on how you should vote on some AZ Propositions.

These are all VOTE YES recommendations.

200: What's wrong with offering a shot at $1 million for voting? I like this idea, if nothing else it is a just reward for regular voters. The establishment has been too quick to dismiss this incentive. Buck them and vote yes. You could win a million.

201: C'mon, this is AZ, smoking outside is hardly a burden for smokers, and it protects non-smokers and workers in bars.

202: Raise the minimum wage. This is a no brainer. Vote yes.

203: Raise much needed funds for early childhood education. This helps little kids stay healthy and get smart.

204: Humane treatment for farm animals. I eat meat (except pig or cow), but the feedlot industry is nasty. This will do just a little to help improve conditions for animals. The real answer here is eat less meat. AZ should try to protect the public-interest by curbing polluting, disgusting feedlots. This ain't Texas, thank god.

205: Voting by mail is a great option, and this makes it happen, while still preserving the right to vote at the polls if you want. Given that AZ Attorney General Terry Goddard is appealing the recent court decision against the old anti-immigrant Prop. 200, meaning if he wins you'll again have to prove yourself before voting, this Prop. is more important than ever.

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