Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Bush's Charlton delaying indictment of Rep. Renzi

PHOENIX -- Republican Congressman Rick Renzi (AZ) is now officially under investigation for a corrupt scam land deal involving the San Pedro River, Cochise County land and a huge foreign copper mining corporation.

It seems Renzi was trying to pocket millions with a business partner, James Sandlin, and aid development of a controversial mine on a National Forest at the same time. What a guy!

Bush and his cronies, including US Atty. for Arizona Paul K. Charlton, a GW Bush appointee, is holding off on issuing any indictment until after the election.

Blogs, the Phoenix New Times, and a whistleblower in Charlton's office broke the story. But Bush boy Charlton is trying to cover Renzi's ass, at least until after the election. Charlton wouldn't even confirm an investigation is on-going when asked by the Washington Post.

This is hardly a surprise coming from the GOP's Charlton. He is the same jerk who pressed heavy felony charges against border humanitarians, and refused to drop them. The court later dismissed his bogus political persecution.

Shame on Paul Charlton, US Attys. have a duty to enforce the law, not play politics and aid corruption.

Renzi is one of the worst congressmen in the AZ delegation and the nation. This is just one more reason of many to get rid of him.

People of District 1 in Flagstaff, Prescott, Sedona, Indian Country, Florence, Casa Grande, Oracle, Pinetop and elsewhere, help your state and your nation. Boot Renzi!


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