Sunday, October 01, 2006

Cochise County tour to educate voters for Nov. 7

UPDATE, 10/15: Heading back for another round this week. DRP

BISBEE AZ -- I'm on a Cochise County tour this week, meeting and talking with people, and working for good votes in the upcoming election.

Should be fun hard work. I'll try to do daily updates from the road.


brian said...

I understand that Cochise County is pushing to create a public lands advisory committee The article makes it pretty obvious that the ranchers are looking for more influence. Do you know whether CBD or another group is going to be involved? I ask because I own land up Leslie Canyon Road (out of Douglas) and the cattle have hit that state land pretty hard as it is. I'm concerned the ranchers will further have their way down there... Seems like an issue green voters should know about down there. Thank you much! Keep up the stellar work!

DRP said...

I think G. Anderson of the Center is trying to get involved in the Cochise Cty. Comm.