Thursday, October 12, 2006

Election greens Bush to push renewable biofuels

ST. LOUIS -- You know the tide is turning for alternative renewable biofuels when even Prez. GW Bush starts pushing for them. Gotta give him some credit here.

This week the administration allocated $21.5M for renewable fuels and biomass energy, very likely at least in part to try to look more green before the election.

GW is even more progressive than Jon Kyl on this issue. Kyl has consistently opposed renewable energy, which shows us again how wack Kyl is.

There's good money to be made in clean fuels. People want more and more to use and buy it. Money, of course, is the main motivation of Mr. Bush.

I'm a big fan of biodiesel, using it with great success in our VW Passat TDI. We may invest in a biodiesel project in Iowa, to help be an independent source of biofuels from more efficient crops, hopefully with a good return.

For true energy security we must get out of Iraq and the Mid-East, and stop propping up Israel so much. Biofuels alone will not do it.

We've also got to stop burning so much fuel, period, and stop building more and bigger roads. Walk, ride a bike, bus, carpool, live closer to work and school -- these are the real answers. Live healthier and happier.

Farm lands in Arizona could grow fuel biomass, likely making much more cash than growing cotton, cattle, citrus or alfalfa. More jobs would be in producing biofuels near cities such as Tucson, Phoenix, and Yuma. We'd all breathe cleaner air.

Hopefully there will be many long-term independent producers for biofuels, keeping a monopoly away from XOM/BP Big Energy, Inc.


brian said...

right on! up here in idaho we just got close to a dozen stations carrying biodiesel in the treasure valley! a good start, especially for a stubborn community when it comes to such things. it's economically competitive, clean (which is critical with the inversions and the greater atmosphere in general) and capable of being produced in a decentralized fashion (though it is not of yet). Let's make sure we make it out of sustainable crops though...

Anonymous said...

Dan - gotta admit that I read your blog because of how "wack" you are....but I will also admit that you are right on with this one. can you post aditional info on biodiesel investment opportunities? thanks. Scott.

DRP said...

Don't be wack, start checking investment leads at

DRP said...

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