Friday, October 27, 2006

Giffords best in debates, issues, city & Cochise Cty.

TUCSON -- Looking strong in a dark jacket, Gabrielle Giffords again dominated a debate over Randy Graf last night. Education was a key focus. Clearly Giffords has a better grasp on education solutions and will work to improve, not cut education.

Giffords' truthful toughness is attractive to voters. Not only in the debates, but also in her excellent new 'line in the sand' ad about protecting Social Security and Medicare.

We need someone in DC for us who is tactfully tough and aggressive as needed against the Bushies. Gabrielle is showing her strengths well.

Giffords is maintaining a solid lead in a new AZ Daily Star/KVOA poll -- 14 points in Pima County, where almost all the D8 voters live, and at least 10 points district-wide. She is also doing well in Cochise County, especially with Independents.

Gabrille Giffords is a smart, sophisticated and tough. She has earned a chance to represent us in the US House.

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