Wednesday, October 25, 2006

House race in CA critical to national environment

PLEASANTON CA -- See this fat guy with the cheesy hair lip smirking with Bush, it's Dick Pombo, the most anti-conservation member of the congress.

Given that Pombo hates nature so much, the GOP leaders made him chair of the most important environmental committee in the House, the Natural Resouces Committee.

Pombo's first move was to strike 'Natural' from the Committee title, so it is now called the House Resources Committee. Since there he has waged an all out war against our environmental and public health laws.

Pombo is a national threat to our wildlife, air, water, open spaces, and health. He is also one of the most corrupt members of congress. People of California's 11th Congressional District, please vote this chump out now, for the good of all mankind.

Luckily, there is a good candidate to vote for, Jerry McNerney. He needs your money and support now.

I'm donating today, and so should you, my friend.


Anonymous said...

Haha pombo - doesn't he look like he belongs to a different era? I could see him - still corrupt and conniving-in the wild wild west.

AtomicToad said...

I have to wonder what the forces of karma have in store for Mr. Pombo. Perhaps a big, hungry crocidile?