Monday, October 23, 2006

How I voted, and how you should vote too

TUCSON -- Here it is. Out in the open. This is how I voted today on my Pima County early ballot.

US Senator: Jim Pederson
US Rep. in Congress: Raul Grijalva
Governor: Janet Napolitano
State Sen. D29: Victor Soltero
State Reps. D29: Tom Prezelski, Linda Lopez
Sec. of State: Israel Torres
Atty. Gen.: Terry Goddard
State Treasurer: Rano Singh
Supt. of Public Instruction: Jason Williams
State Mine Inspector: Daniel Patterson (write in)
Corp. Comm.: Mark Manoil, Kris Mayes
Clerk of Superior Court: Margaret M. DiFrank
TUSD Board: Adelita Grijalva, Miguel Cuevas
All Judges: Yes, retain
Prop 100: No
Prop 101: Yes
Prop 102: No
Prop 103: No
Prop 104: No
Prop 105: No
Prop 106: Yes
Prop 107: No
Prop 200: Yes
Prop 201: Yes
Prop 202: Yes
Prop 203: Yes
Prop 204: Yes
Prop 205: Yes
Prop 206: No
Prop 207: No
Prop 300: No
Prop 301: No
Prop 302: Yes
Prop 400: Yes


cpmaz said...

OK - you convinced me.

I wrote you in for State Mine Inspector.

The tidal wave of support from the Arizona blogosphere will carry you to triumph!!

Or something like that. :)


Jeneiene said...

Ah, it's proposition time in the old pueblo. Time when a fair maiden daintily covers her eyes with a scented hankerchief, reaches for the smelling salts as she decends ever so lady-like to the ground, and cries while tossing the ballot in the air, "Oh, whither the dasderdly propositions, I think I shall perish!"

Enter stage left: brave and dashing gun-slinging husband who admonishes his faint of heart wife: "now see here, it's not that complicated, just vote like I did."

And I did.

shrimplate said...

Quite sensible, your votor guide is just about the opposite of this "Reagan" styled list.

I used that guide to help shape my own, pretty much by taking the opposite stance to each of "Reagan's."