Saturday, October 07, 2006

Kos view from SF wrong on Pederson-Kyl race

PHOENIX -- Blogger Kos has declared, from his righteous position in the SF Bay Area, that the Pederson-Kyl race is not competitive.

Kos is wrong!

This race is tightening; Pederson is within 6 points or less.

Take it from me, an Independent who's actually been out talking face-to-face with AZ voters.

Pederson has not run a perfect campaign, but lately he's been on target.

Now is the time to rally around Pederson to change AZ's poor representation in the US Senate.

Kyl has a terrible public-interest record
and he's got to go. Jim Pederson is a real alternative.

Kos, keep up the good work, but remember that your view from out-of-state may be out-of-touch.


Tedski said...

Despite all of his Deaniac "50-State" rhetoric, I have found that Kos and the regular diarists seem to have the same tired old attitudes about people in "flyover" states being neanderthals and beyond political redemption.

toc001 said...

Kos's disdain for AZ Dem party is shown in his book "Crashing the Gate". He says in the Ackowledgements:

"In Arizona:Joel Wright in the gorgeous Strawberry (definitely worth the drive); and Chris Brown, Rod Pritchett, Raymond Bolger and Steve Tuttle in the Phoenix area, who gave us one of the most entertaining (if Depressing) political landscape interviews (turns out there's not much of a Democratic Party in Arizona).

I have seen dramtic improvement in the party at least in this area. The people showing up at LD meetings is four fold what is has been in the past.

We are at a disadvantage with the AZ Republican being the voice of the GOP here, and multiple conservative talk radio dominating the airwaves. The Air America staion, which has some great local programming is hardly a blip on the radar. (It would probably do much better in Tucson) Of course the entire country has similar problems.

I agree with Tedski about the regular diarist over at Kos. I don't see them contributing locally in turning AZ blue or expanding the AZ blogosphere.

Jeneiene Schaffer said...

Kos and other "I know better than you" diatribes so often found in the political blogs--also here in the AZ blogsphere, is why I dumped my blog a while back. I find that the real experiences of working face-to-face with community activists to be more reliably accurate than the computer posturings of some who try to win the blog popularity contests.

The one and only one reason I have commented here is that I know how hard Daniel has worked 'out in the field' for the Giffords campaign, and therefore has a good handle on the community political climate.pkin

Anonymous said...

God I so hope you are right on this. Kyl is worthless and has got to go!
He is an embarassment to the state of AZ and I for one want to see improvements from Pedersen.