Sunday, October 08, 2006

McCain a far right GOP lackey with Graf support

WASHINGTON -- Our other right-wing Senator, who does little to nothing for Arizona as he plays national politics from DC, has endorsed ultra-right Randy Graf for congress.

This is nothing but McCain continuing to kiss the ass of Bush and the far right GOP zealots as he positions himself to run (and lose) for President in 08.

The far right will never love McCain, and he is losing his moderate support as well due to his pathetic pandering. Stupid moves, John.

Instead of McCain for President, I prefer McCain for retirement; he is getting old. McCain is no maverick, and has lost his 'straight talk' approach.

Gabrielle Giffords is a far superior moderate candidate, and she's going to win.

Good thing Giffords has class and will likely forgive McCain for his unwise moves, and try to work with him in the Senate once she is elected to congress Nov 7.

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Anonymous said...

god, that photo turns my stomach every time i see it