Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Secret wrong attacks on Giffords lack credibility

UPDATE, 10/22: These lies are coming from a Houston-based GOP group with close ties to Enron CEO Ken Lay and disgraced former congressman Tom DeLay. With liars like that, who needs honesty!?!

TUCSON -- An anonymous front group, so-called "Americans for Honesty on Issues," is running mud-slinging TV ads attacking Gabrielle Giffords and distorting her record and positions on immigration.

Check out their nothing website. No info at all about who they are, where they are, who's paying for it, no phone number or address, etc.

Is this even legal?

This anonymous dishonest political attack lacks credibility and should be offensive to voters.

Perhaps the attack ad is from pro-Graf David Duke, the KKK, right-wing GOP radicals, or the Nazis?

Voters trust & favor Giffords on immigration
, because they know she'll work with everyone for new real solutions, unlike Graf who'll just serve the haters with more of the same failed border militarization.

The only decent thing about the secret source hit ad is it gives the phone number for Giffords HQ, likely hoping people will call and make threats.

At least if people call they can get the real truth.

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Anonymous said...

Some interesting stuff on this group, including a link to a New York Times story, here:

Looks like a pal of Tom Delay has targeted Giffords.