Friday, October 27, 2006

Stick it to corrupt Renzi next week in Pinal County

Rick Renzi
PINAL COUNTY AZ -- Now that Republican Rick Renzi's land deal corruption is out in the open, Arizonans may want to peacefully challenge and protest his dirty politics next Thurs. Nov 2 outside the 3pm CD1 debate in Coolidge at Central Arizona College.

This is not too far from metro Phoenix or Tucson.

Here's Renzi (middle) getting a big check from controversial Republican House Speaker Dennis Hastert, and Tom Phillips, moneyman at the National Conservative Campaign Fund.

Good people of Arizona and CD1, let's get this scammer Renzi out of office Nov. 7.

It is still unknown if Renzi will debate, or if he'll chicken out again and avoid a public discussion of the issues.

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