Friday, October 13, 2006

Vote Mayes and Manoil for AZ Corporation Comm.

PHOENIX -- I endorse Kris Mayes (R) and Mark Manoil (D) for Arizona Corporation Commission and encourage you to vote for both of them.

The ACC is very important to our everyday lives, overseeing energy, water, railroads, securities, communications and other industries we use everyday, and pay a lot for.

Mayes, a rare public-interest Republican, has been a champion on most consumer & environmental protection issues. She has shown she has good ideas. She is tough and can be trusted to take on industry.

She has taken on TEP and Kinder-Morgan, fighting for Tucsonans' quality of life.

Kris Mayes has earned another term.

Mark Manoil has solid ideas for renewable energy and water. Plus, I've actually seen him at some campaign events in Tucson. He is out hustling, meeting people and discussing the issues he'll spearhead as an ACC Commissioner.

Read up on these two candidates on their websites linked above.

Ric Boyer (D) also seems like a decent candidate, but there are only two open seats and he comes in third on my list.

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