Sunday, November 19, 2006

Bush Border Patrol shoots Mexicans in Mexico

SAN LUIS RIO COLORADO, SONORA MX -- (AP/CNN) The mayor of a Mexican border town said U.S. Border Patrol agents shot two city workers with pepperball guns early Wednesday while the workers picked up trash.

A pepperball gun launches hard plastic spheres that burst on impact and are filled with enough pepper derivatives to irritate the eyes, nose and throat. It is one of many so-called "sub-lethal" weapons that police and military units have acquired for crowd control problems.

Ruben Espino, mayor of San Luis Rio Colorado, called the shooting "aggressive actions" and complained about the incident to Gov. Janet Napolitano, who was meeting with him Thursday in Mexico. Espino said in a statement he will ask that the agents be disciplined.

The two city workers were on a trash detail near the U.S.-Mexico border crossing early Wednesday when two U.S. agents asked them to identify themselves, even though they were on the Mexican side of the fence, according to the La Prensa newspaper in San Luis Rio Colorado.

The city identified the workers as Francisco Estrada Estrada and Gabriel Ramirez Garcia, who were in city uniform and using vehicles with a city logo at the time.

A city press release said one agent continued to fire at the two workers even after a Mexican police unit arrived.

La Prensa published photos of Estrada with welts on his back. He said he was hit at least four times.


This is just the most recent example of many on how out-of-control the Bush Dept. of Homeland Security Border Patrol stormtroopers are. These human rights abusers must be reigned in now.

Gov. Napolitano, and Congressman Raul M. Grijalva, who represents Yuma, should aggressively pursue justice here to ensure it doesn't happen again. Please kindly let them know how you feel about this. DRP

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Anonymous said...

Funny how so many people, like yourself, fail to mention the almost daily assaults on our border agents. You are sorely mistaken on associating President Bush with what you describe as stormtroopers; I truely think that the president has been entirely too soft when it comes to the border and immigration, it's my opinion that he would let the flow of ILLEGAL aliens to increase if it wouldn't cause a backlash. Get your facts straight President Bush is failing in plenty of other arenas without adding incorrect, incomplete, or outright false information.

J. Mercer
Former resident, and native, of Tucson