Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hoyer v. Murtha a healthy battle for House dems

WASHINGTON -- It's Hoyer v. Murtha in a battle for House Majority Leader.

I support both, but suspect Hoyer (D-MD), seen here with the Maryland Terrapin mascot, will win the secret ballot. He did a fine job as Whip, and really hustled during this election to support candidates, including a visit to Tucson. He'll do a good job.

Jack Murtha (D-PA) is inspiring due to his leadership on Iraq and past history. With Speaker Pelosi behind him, he may win.

Hoyer v. Murtha is not a problem for the dems, it is a healthy process. Competition is good.


Jeanette said...

Hello! I'm trying to find the source of the Steny Hoyer/testudo photo you're using.

I'm writing from UMD (art director fro TERP); we'd like to use the shot in our next issue.

If you can lend any leads, please respond asap. Thanks!

DRP said...

Just click on the photo to find the source.