Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy holidays, merry Christmas, Capitol fight 07

Christmas lights on Saguaro cactus, Tucson Arizona USA

TUCSON -- Best to you this season and for 07. Here's wishing you didn't spend too much during this special, but overcommercialized time of year.

What would Jesus buy? Probably not too much.

If you did spend too much, like many Americans, take some things back and cut up your credit and debit cards. Stay on a cash budget and you'll save more money and stay out of debt.

My top 07 wish is Pelosi, Reid and the dems in congress will come out swinging at Bush, the GOP righties, and the Iraq war disaster, and not be weak and lame dems in the name of 'moderate centrism'.

Tucson's US Reps. Grijalva and Giffords can and should help boost backbone in the House at least. Pastor and Mitchell of Phoenix should also push tough for broad reform in DC.

Another 07 Daniel view: John McCain for President? No way, McCain for Retirement is more like it.

America needs more than just far right and middle right agendas on our political plates, which essentially is almost all we have now on a national level.

I'm taking some time off from the glow and buzz of computers to enhance real world connections, so there may be little to no action here until Jan 5 or 8.

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