Thursday, December 07, 2006

Public Enemy tour booms in downtown Tucson

TUCSON -- The Public Enemy tour ripped downtown last night for over 4 hours in front of a lively and diverse crowd at the Rialto.

Starting with AZ's Grime, the Banned, and X-Clan the show was high energy, and loud.

Public Enemy played by far the longest, doing old and new raps backed by DJ Johnny Juice, the Banned, and the S1Ws.

PE seemed to really enjoy the hyped Tucson crowd and playing in Arizona, as seen in my two photos here.

Chuck D. was strong and positive, energizing the crowd and slapping many hands.

Flavor Flav was especially in to the crowd and excited about Tucson, being the last to leave the stage. He also rocked out on a funky drum solo.

Professor Griff was great too, especially when he brought out a very talented Tucson breakdance crew to rip it up.

PE has inspired me since high school, and they still do. They represent real hip-hop revolutionaries.

Great show!

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Jeneiene said...

Excellent show! PE is still going strong, still relevant, and still tells it like it is. In these days of crazy neoconservatives and the shifty liberal dems who enable them, thank god almighty for the music and the message of Public Enemy.

Back in graduate school, I had the Fear of a Black Planet poster over my bed. Thanks for the wild ride and the rays of dancable inspiration, PE!