Friday, December 15, 2006

Right a wrong: change Tucson's pro-war 'A' Mtn.

TUCSON -- The Tucson Weekly got it right this week by calling for an end to the blue, white, and red paint job on 'A' Mountain.

Iraq war fans, Mayor Walkup (R), and the former GOP-lead city council rushed to change the 'A' in 2003. Since then many Tucsonans see the 'A' as a wrongheaded symbol of death and Bush/Cheney's unjust Iraq war.

Since then citizens have taken action to restore the traditional white paint, or even paint it black. But each time the city and a handful of aggressive war fiends have rushed to restore the blue, white, and red (actually French flag style) paint job.

The Iraq war is a deadly mistake and disaster. Jose Ibarra and the rest of the Tucson city council should right a wrong by restoring the white paint job, or as the Weekly suggests, paint the 'A' black in respectful mourning for the war dead and wounded until we get out of Iraq and bring the troops back home to their families.

The 'A' stands for Arizona, not American (Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld, Inc.) arrogance. Celebrating Bush's failed disaster war is hardly patriotic or supporting the troops. Mourning the war dead and wounded shows respect, reflection, and understanding.

Who wants to have an 'A' painting party?

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