Friday, December 08, 2006

Most states pick environmental quarter designs

WASHINGTON -- So far 45 states have had their quarters minted, or selected the final design. Even though the US Mint allowed industrial scenes, 24 states have picked environmental themes, such as the endangered Peregrine falcon that will appear on the Idaho quarter next year.

Peregrine falcon

States with natural resource themes on their quarters are: CT, SC, NH, RI, VT, LA, MS, ME, MO, AR, MI, CA, MN, OR, KS, WV, NV, NE, CO, ND, SD, MT, WA, ID.

Eco designs are especially prominent in the West. Overall, many green quarter states are considered 'red states' where it is said that 'conservative' politics dominate.

It's likely that 4 of the 5 remaining states yet to choose a design will pick an environmental theme -- Arizona plans the Grand Canyon and Saguaro cactus -- so in the end it may be 28 states with green quarters -- 56%.

I am encouraged by this. It shows once again that the public and states are far ahead of the Bush feds in DC on environmental pride and awareness.

The North Dakota Quarter
The Nevada Quarter


Tom Prezelski said...

Funny, Daniel. I thought that you would have gotten down on the Nevada coin for featuring an introduced species.

laura said...

Cool post........ We have set aside every new quarter thus far. As I read through the states listed as having featured eviromental themes, I noticed NJ wasn't included. I had totally forgotten what NJ had chosen. I did a little research( on all of the coins really... haven't taken the time to enjoy them lately ) and realized... duh. I stared at it for a while( the NJ coin ) and thought to myself that even though George Washingtons famous Delaware River Crossing is depicted, my first thought was The Delaware itself. My thoughts when on to include how beautifully the area is preserved, and how much consideration for the river enviroment that may have started with the crossing site..... but evolved into a whole lot more. Seeing is appreciating.